Alternative Fuel Systems


A global leader in alternative fuel systems that deliver fuels from waste, Vecoplan implements complete systems from design and engineering, to the installation and superior training that makes Vecoplan world-renowned. We have solutions that prepare and feed waste into a highly advanced technological systems for the production of power and heat. Not only is Vecoplan experienced in industrial waste feed-stocks, but Vecoplan has experience MSW, tires, biomass waste, carpet waste, and wood.

Vecoplan can implement material handling systems that are unique to your needs and enable the highest production with efficient conversion of fuels into energy. As demand for alternate energy systems grows, companies with the ability to install complete alternative fuel systems are needed to deliver solutions that are viable alternatives to using fossil fuels.

With Vecoplan’s experience and expertise at engineering facilities that utilize feedstock to generate energy intensive processes, there is no comparison. Systems that are environmentally sound and ensure proper testing, monitoring and meet all regulatory requirements are what we specialize in.

As the need for alternate renewable fuel energy systems reaches ever-growing heights, choose Vecoplan to provide you with an advanced fuel system installation that exceeds your organization’s expectations.

Our system competencies lie in many areas including the unloading of raw waste feed-stocks, pre-shredding, magnetic ferrous metal separation, conveying, air classification, screening, re-shredding, non-ferrous metal separation, testing and sampling stations, containment, and transportation of fuel to the boiler. With experience in both European process and North American processes, Vecoplan is a proven leader in the deployment of systems that are both unique, highly advanced, and rugged. From commercial scale plants to waste to energy pilot plants that operate at a lower scale, Vecoplan systems are found all over the world.