Biofuel Systems


biofuel systems

Biofuel is made from biomass. Biomass includes all organic material. In other words, plant and animal matter or anything made from plant and animal matter. Vecoplan biofuel systems process lignocellulosic, or plant, biomass as a feedstock for conversion to biofuels. Since plants live and grow, they are by nature a renewable resource.

Biofuels have one very important advantage over other renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, or tidal energy. They are fuels and therefore can be stored, transported and processed easily. The sustainable management of our biomass resources must play a vital role, if we free ourselves from fossil fuel dependency.

Sustainable management of our biomass resources not only refers to growing and harvesting plants in an ecologically sound manner. It also means that the biomass must be converted to biofuel in an effective, efficient, and economically feasible manner. Put simply – companies will not make biofuel, unless they can also make money.

Biofuel systems from Vecoplan are an integral part of this equation. Vecoplan delivers turnkey systems that process biomass as a feedstock for a wide variety of biofuel conversion technologies. These include thermal, chemical, and biochemical conversion technologies that produce biofuels in solid, liquid and gas forms. Vecoplan systems ensure that the biomass feedstock is prepared precisely to fit the specifications needed for a particular biofuel conversion technology.

The machinery included in Vecoplan prep systems is determined by the composition of the biomass feeding into the system and the specifications required on the prepared material that will be fed into a particular biofuel conversion technology. Machinery and technologies available from Vecoplan for biomass conversion prep systems include: Receiving stations, Primary size reduction, Screening, Air classification, Metals separation, Optical sorting, Secondary shredding, Storage, Testing, Metered feeding, Conveying between workstations, and Integrated controls for the entire system. Most systems employ some, but not all of these.

Knowing which to specify and how to incorporate the best technologies to get the job done is the key to success. Vecoplan has the expertise to ensure the effective and efficient processing of your biomass and thereby the profitability of your biofuel system.