Biomass systems


Biomass systems use the most ancient source of energy to provide a renewable and beneficial source of fuel. To release this form of energy waste from fuel sources such as agricultural, urban waste, and forest waste residue, biomass systems play a big part in the energy production of renewable resources. The success of biomass systems are contingent on several factors including the availability of fuel and the efficiencies of the many processes that are applied to the conversion of fuel to energy.  

As complex as it may sound, our experts oversee and lay the foundation from the outset to meet a plant’s specialized requirements for maximum efficiency. Working together, we create comprehensive plans that encompass the four production stages of

• Wet and dry wood processing
• Drying
• Pelletising
• Transport and Dispatch

With our main focus being concentrated on advanced logistics and low maintenance, Vecoplan biomass systems seek the highest quality output along with cost-efficiency. With many years of experience, Vecoplan will design the plant layout to your individual specifications while optimizing internal flow diagrams. Vecoplan also has customer tailored transport solutions for the intervals between the drying and pelletising production stages, for conveying technology, and for the screening of fines in the dispatch area.