Vecoplan Video Showroom

Printers Waste Document Destruction

Printer Waste Processing

Document Destruction

C&D Waste

Hurricane Waste Shredder HiTorc Drive

Hurricane Waste Shredders

Magnetic Pulse Drive

Film and Fiber Processing

Tire Re-Shredders Horizontal Feed Shredder Mobile Shredding

Vecoplan Tire Re-Shredders

Horizontal Feed Shredders

Vecoplan Mobile Shredding Technologies

Medical Waste WBTV News Footage WCCB News Footage

Medical Waste

High-Res Video (14.67 MB)
Low-Res Video (1.50 MB)

WBTV News Footage

WCCB News Footage

WJZY News Footage USA TV/DT Denver News Footage of Tri-R Recycling WKOW

WJZY News Footage

USA TV/DT Denver News Footage of Tri-R Recycling

WKOW News Footage


Biomass and
Ethanol Feedstock Prep

Truck Unloading Containment System

Municipal Waste Processing - Alba

Municipal Waste Processing MSW Processing Dual-Shaft

MSW Processing

MSW Processing - Herhoff

Waste Processing - Dual-Shaft

Dual-Shaft Meudt Rennerod

Waste Processing - Dual-Shaft

MSW Processing - Meudt

Waste Processing - Rennerod

Domestic Waste Processing plastics Wood Footage

Domestic Waste Processing


Vecoplan Wood Grinders

Toploader plastics Wood Footage

Top Loader

VAZ 1300

VEBS 2500

VST32 Shorty HydroDyn Wash Line

Alternative Fuel
Feedstock Prep

VST32 Shorty

HydroDyn Washing Line

Product Demo Videos


Plastic Purgings   Plastic Bottle   Purge 1

Plastic Purgings


Large Plastic Container


Clear Plastic Purgings

Purgings 2   Assorted Purgings   Weatherstrip

Plastic Purgings 2


Assorted Plastic Purgings


Plastic Purgings 3

Weatherstrip   Bowling Balls   IBC Container

Automotive Weatherstripping


Bowling Balls


IBC Container

with Metal Frame



Veneer   Wood   Pallets



Wood Blocks



Planks   Railroad Ties  

Planks on Horizontal


Railroad Ties


Film and Fiber

Super Sacks   Carpet 1  

Super Sacks




Paper / Document Destruction

Bankers Boxes   Paper Processing System   Phone Books

Banker's Boxes


Plant-Based Document Destruction System


Phone Books


Waste Systems

  Heavy Scrap   Municipal Waste

Waste Processing 1


Waste Processing 2


C&D Processing


Alternative Fuels

Document Processing 3    

Cement System Flowchart



Pre-Shredded Tires    

Pre-Shredded Tires




E-Scrap - CPUs