Alternative Fuels -- Waste - To -Energy

Until recently waste was viewed solely as a problem rather than a resource. The population explosion has made waste renewable and now demands that it be mined as a resource. Vecoplan is a global leader in systems technologies for the production of alternative fuels from waste for the largest industrial alternative fuel and processed engineered fuel consumers in  industry. From design and engineering, to manufacturing, installation, and implementation training, Vecoplan delivers complete systems to prepare and feed waste for use as alternative fuel in the production of heat and power. In addition to MSW, Vecoplan is experienced with Tires, Wood and other Biomass Waste, Carpet Waste, and other industrial waste feed-stocks.

Our systems capabilities include unloading of raw feed-stocks, pre-shredding, ferrous separation, conveying, screening, air classification, re-shredding, non-ferrous separation, sampling and testing stations, storage, and delivery of fuel to the boiler. VECOPLAN systems can be found in sophisticated, commercial scale plants to lower volume W-T-E pilot plants. We are experienced in both American and European methods of alternative fuel preparation, and are known for rugged, unique, and proven alternative fuel preparation technologies.

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