Biomass, Biofuel & Pelletizing -- Liberating Untapped Energy.

Growing and harvesting Biomass as a biofuel for bioenergy production has experienced rapid grow in Europe over the last decade and is gaining momentum throughout the Americas. Biomass, a broadly inclusive term for any plant matter used as fuel, can be converted into energy through a wide variety of processes; from wood waste from industry for use as alternative to conventional fossil fuels by large power utilities, to smaller CHP facilities (combined heat and power) operations for use in thermal conversion.

Vecoplan also offers complete pellet production systems from processing the raw material to bagging the finished pellets. Equipment in a typical line includes size reduction, conveyance, metering, pelletizing, cooling, screening, packaging, and customized system controls. The heart of every system is a Vecoplan pellet mill; featuring belt driven dual drives for increased performance and lower maintenance costs. The brains of every system are Vecoplan controls designed and manufactured to maximize ease of use and optimize system performance.

Vecoplan also has experience with the biorefining industry, and provides pre-processing treatment systems for all preferred feedstocks for the preparation and production of advanced liquid (second generation) biofuels being distilled into ethanol fuel and other alcohol-based products. Moving past the first generation biofuels (grain ethanol), cellulosic ethanol is fast becoming the preferred type of ethanol production for use as alternative and renewable transportation fuel. Vecoplan is experienced with include Wood, Corn Stover, Switch Grass, Miscanthus, most Ag Fuel Crops, and a wide range of other organic matters used as fuel. Vecoplan processing systems are used in the preparation of Biomass boiler fuel, for co-firing with coal and other fuels, for size reduction prior to gasification, for size reduction prior to pelletizing, and in the conversion process for cellulosic ethanol and other biofuels.

Vecoplan systems for processing biomass, includes equipment for: pre-shredding, separation, screening, air classification, re-shredding, storage, unloading, sampling, and delivery of fuel to its destination.

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