Vecoplan has been a pioneer and an innovator in both the secure destruction industry and in efficient baler prep for the printing industry for years. Vecoplan is recognized as a worldwide leader in complete systems for document destruction, product destruction as well as baling preparation for printers’ waste and general paper recycling. Vecoplan shredders deliver cross-cut particle consistency in one pass and allow you to change particle size through inexpensive screens that are quickly and easily changed. Central, on-site installations or mobile shredding vehicles are both available with Vecoplan’s hopper fed, low RPM, high volume, one-step shredders for ultra-secure shredding.

Printers’ waste is inherently the largest single source of excess paper. This excess paper can be and usually is recycled. It can also be pelletized or simply shredded and used as an alternative fuel, but with the proliferation of identity theft paper documents have become a security issue, and this issue gave birth to the document destruction industry.

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