Systems that achieve objectives.

Extremely tough tire processing equipment is necessary to tackle the preparation and recycling of waste rubber tires. Tire re-shredders from Vecoplan are superior to other shredders, creating the most value by outputting a cleaner product – a high quality rubber chip product free from wire.

An on-site tire re-shredding machine adds value to an existing tire shredding system by adding the capability to generate a wider variety of end products such as mulch and bedding products. Optimal clean rubber processing requires the engineering background and knowledge that only a leading worldwide manufacturer of tire shredding equipment such as Vecoplan can provide.

Vecoplan RTR tire re-shredding machines are built to handle the difficult process of re-shredding tires to create tire derived fuel or recycled rubber products. Vecoplan RTR tire re-shredders actually generate two individual end products – clean rubber, and clean wire – and they do so with the lowest operating cost-per-ton processed in the industry.

Vecoplan tire shredders are designed for the removal of steel wire from pre-shredded tires, creating a tire derived fuel (TDF) that is much more desirable. Steel belted tires make up for the majority of tires produced in the U.S. and you need a shredder that you can depend on to process car, truck, and industrial tires faithfully and efficiently. Vecoplan has the tire re-shredder you need that is specifically made for tires. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on Vecoplan as a manufacturer that knows the tire re-shredding business heads above the rest.