Wood -- the resource with a future.

Whether for weapons, tools or fire, wood is one of the first renewable resources used by people. Managed correctly, our forests and the wood that comes from them will continue to be a vital resource for the foreseeable future. The wood industry also happens to be where Vecoplan started. Rotary drum chippers, used to produce uniform chip sizes for the production of chipboard and paper, were the first machines produced by Vecoplan and sold to the primary wood industry. The single shaft rotary shredder, or wood grinder as it has become to be known, invented by Vecoplan and used to process scrap generated by manufacturers of wood products, expanded Vecoplan applications into the secondary wood industry. Today Vecoplan machinery and systems can be found in wood applications from forest products & timber, sawmills and pallet plants through furniture, cabinet and millwork factories. Vecoplan has also been a pioneer in heat and energy production from wood and wood wastes. Typical systems offered by Vecoplan for this purpose include receiving, shredding, re-shredding, storing, screening, separating, conveying, and feeding, metering or dosing.

We offer a comprehensive range of machinery and services - from planning through commissioning:

From individual machines to complex systems to entire plants, Vecoplan not only has the technology but also the expertise that enables you to achieve your goals.

Solutions for the processing of wood:

  •     Timber Slash

  •     Sawmill Waste

  •     Pallet Scrap

  •     Crate, Container & Dunnage Scrap

  •     Particle, MDF & Chip Board Scrap

  •     Millwork Manufacturing Scrap

Including manufacturing waste from the manufacture of windows, doors & wood flooring

  •     Furniture Manufacturing Scrap

  •     Cabinet Manufacturing Scrap

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