Plastic Shredders


Vecoplan has combined both shredder and granulator features to create a line of plastic shredders that meets every plastics processing challenge including industrial plastic scrap, extruder purgings, film and plastic waste, post-consumer bottles and containers, and baled and unbaled plastic waste. We have over 300 configurations. For example, our horizontal models can be configured for lineal scrap such as pvc window profiles and siding.

Plastic comes in various shapes and sizes. Our plastic shredders can turn these scrap materials into a commodity which can be used again in processes for manufacturing. Materials such as small PET bottles, PVC, vinyl, plastic containers, long strips, and other various sizes and configurations can be managed to a reusable size. Our shredders reduce plastic waste to the desirable size in one pass. The equipment needed for this initial size reduction will vary depending on the plastic being reclaimed.

A plastic shredder can have an internal motor that operates on electricity and has a moving rotor. The rotor has powerful blades which allows the cutting of any material that moves within. With optimal rpm, the blade speeds up with enough kinetic energy to slice right through materials of varying density and strength.

Material is driven through a hopper on the front side of a drawer that is hydraulically operated. It pushes the material load-controlled onto a revolving rotor. Shredded between the rotor knives and a counter knife fixed in place, the material is processed. The screen hole has varying perforation diameters which helps determine the size of shreds. Produced shreds can drop through the machine and screen perforation directly or be removed with the optional suction device or spiral conveyor.

Lots of plastic shredders may have differing levels of imparting momentum to their blades, much like the regulators on fans. They bring with them a dispenser basket to collect the minute granules of plastic, which can at a later timer be fed into a recycle plant. This aids in waste management and optimum utilization of resources. These granules are then later heated to be converted into useful products.

The recycling process can involve many steps and can be quite complex. Our exceptional shredders are at the forefront and an integral part of the process. Vecoplan is a world leader in helping address the issues surrounding plastic waste and plastic recycling. Today, relatively poor developing countries are more apt to re-apply goods and the well-off developed countries dispose of throw things away without fully optimizing their value. But times are changing. China is now the world's second largest consumer of plastics and is home to the world's biggest recycled plastics industry which includes 40,000 and 60,000 small, mom and pop owned companies.