Supplying the exact measure requires the right technology

Vecoplan delivers dosing expertise. Dosing or metered feeding of material into a system is vital to the overall efficiency and profitability of your plant. Although simple in concept, provide the proper amount of material at the proper time, doing it correctly requires a sophisticated understanding of all the variables that can affect accomplishing it.

Vecoplan provides this understanding. Real world experience has taught Vecoplan that a broad spectrum of variables affect metered feeding. These include, but are not limited to, the physical properties of the material being fed, the climate and other location specific conditions the material is being fed under, and the particular demands of the system or process that the material is being fed into. And, from experience, Vecoplan understands that these variables can and do change.

Vecoplan combines their understanding of these variables with their expertise in dosing technologies to ensure the systems they engineer are efficient, durable and cost effective. Vecoplan’s dosing technologies include metering vibratory conveyors and tables, metering belt conveyors, dosing silos via screw or auger discharge, and metering push rod discharge. Vecoplan delivers cutting edge technologies for the regulated feeding of wood, biomass, process engineered fuel, plastics, paper, and other bulk materials for combustion.