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Employed properly mechanical screening is one of the most functionally effective and cost efficient methods of sorting different fractions within an aggregate. The key is having a practical understanding of three things: the capabilities of the various screening technologies available, the properties of the aggregate to be screened, and the end result desired from the screening process. Real world experience has provided Vecoplan with this practical understanding.

The range of screening technologies available from Vecoplan includes vibrating screens, drum screens, oscillating screens, star screens, disc screens, trommel screens, flip-flop screens, finger screens, and de-stoner screens. Vecoplan is experienced in the screening of MSW, Wood, C&D debris, Biomass, Commercial waste, Industrial waste, Paper, Cardboard, Plastics, and Electronic scrap. Vecoplan’s screening application expertise encompasses recycling, repurposing, waste derived fuels, biomass derived fuels, and resource mining from waste streams.

Vecoplan specializes in systems that accomplish a specific result by the most efficient and effective means possible. Selecting the best screening technology, or combining the best screening technologies to achieve this goal is only the beginning for Vecoplan. Integrating these technologies into the overall system to maximize the efficient use of space and capital is a crucial part of Vecoplan engineering. Once again, real world experience has provided Vecoplan with the practical understanding and the ability to apply this knowledge to achieve the desired result.