Single-shaft Shredders (VAZ)

Vecoplan’s VAZ single-shaft shredders are the most widely used in the world. This is true across industries, countries, and applications around the world. There are many reasons for this, but the three most prominent are – universal shredders with universal shredding capability, controllable particle size and ROI. First, the VAZ series universal shredding capability, put simply they shred almost anything, including wood or any type of biomass, all types of plastics, paper and cardboard, textiles made of natural or synthetic fibers, and a broad spectrum of other wastes and recyclables. Second, their controllable and changeable shredded particle out-put size. Once shredded, material passes through a screen bolted beneath the cutting rotor on VAZ series shredders. These heavy-duty industrial screens determine the particle size. Vecoplan screens are inexpensive and can be quickly and easily changed, allowing you to control and change particle size to fit your specific application – now and in the future. Finally, the ROI (Return On Investment) delivered by VAZ shredders is unmatched. Priced extremely competitively, it may be possible to find a cheaper shredder but never one that matches the features and quality of construction found on Vecoplan’s VAZ series. All VAZ features are engineered specifically to make shredders in the series operate more effectively, more cost efficiently and to make maintenance easier and less expensive. Vecoplan’s heavy-duty, quality construction means that VAZ shredders require less maintenance and last longer than other machines.