Storage is not an art -- it is a science

Vecoplan is a worldwide leader in storage technologies for waste, biomass and other bulk materials prior to being processed as alternative fuels or fed into a single stream recycling facility.

In addition to simply storing material, storage systems from Vecoplan include seamless receiving of material and unloading of material to be fed into the processing stream.

While Vecoplan storage systems include above and below ground bunkers and silos, it’s the diversity of innovative loading and unloading technologies that Vecoplan incorporates into their systems that sets Vecoplan apart. Even more important is the field-tested experience that enables Vecoplan engineers to know which technology to use, when to use it and why to use it. Push rod systems, gliding floor discharge systems, and metering screw conveyors are among Vecoplan’s comprehensive scope of storage unloading technologies. In addition to these traditional technologies, Vecoplan exclusively offers their bunker storage load/unload conveyor system.

Invented by Vecoplan, this system moves both lineally in an x-axis horizontal direction and vertically in the y-axis up and down direction. This allows the system to load bulk material from the bottom up and unload material from the top down and because it’s above the stored material it eliminates the need to unload material for system maintenance. Vecoplan also supplies uniquely efficient technologies for continuous 24-hour discharging that can be used for heating and power generation installations, loading and unloading vehicles from silos, and also for discharge from bunkers. Vecoplan is your source for storage solutions.