Recycling Equipment


With over 45 years of experience, Vecoplan manufactures recycling equipment for a variety of industries. Our expertise in recycling systems and design allows us to tackle large and small-scale projects while providing valuable solutions for the recycling of waste materials.

Setting the standard for industrial recycling, Vecoplan is world-renowned for superior machinery. Our recycling equipment is known for cutting edge technology and quality construction that meets the toughest recycling and waste reduction challenges. Vecoplan continuously innovates and improves its recycling technologies and systems.

While increasing the throughput rates of recyclable materials and reducing the levels of maintenance, Vecoplan equipment handles many different types of waste with an incredible ease of operation. Control panels on individual machines and integrated controls for entire waste handling systems are state-of-the-art and built by Vecoplan in the U.S., insuring that they not only meet or exceed all applicable safety codes and regulations but are also extremely user friendly.

Our equipment can adapt to many situations that require the separation and size reduction of various materials. Whether it is for commercial, industrial or post-consumer waste materials, our equipment is cutting edge and cost-effective. From shredders, grinders, conveyors, balers, magnetic separation, screening, air classification, sorting, and separation technologies, Vecoplan offers a complete range of recycling equipment.

Vecoplan’s delivers recycling machinery that can undertake large volume jobs which includes a wide range of materials from construction and demolition waste materials, commercial and industrial solid waste, plastic waste, to organic biomass. Incomparable in its engineering and design, Vecoplan seamlessly integrates advanced recycling equipment with superior recycling rates and capacity with unrivaled low maintenance and cost efficiency.