Scrap Wood Grinder



With land clearing, construction, and tree care, tons of scrap wood is made around the world. Managing this wood waste is one thing, but turning it into another useful by-product requires innovative solutions. One way is with a scrap wood grinder.

The scrap wood grinder can also receive material from a waste conveyor. This makes it flexible and an efficient solution to waste handling needs. The scrap wood is discharged in the lower part of the grinder through a grill that determines the sizing of chips with the size of the holes. A wood scrap grinder is designed to reduce the size of wood strips, wood edge rippings, wood slabs and other long wood scrap pieces. 

The horizontal feed is a great way to process lengthy panels and edgings along with short trim material. The feed mechanism can insure a measured feed to the shredder to make standardized finished product. The low crawling speed and upper level torque cutting delivers less horsepower and lower amounts of noise.

Size reduction occurs in these ultra-high speed grinders by repeat pounding of wood scraps into tinier and tinier pieces through a combined amount of compression, shear and tensile forces. Hammers fixed to a rotor hit the wood scraps resulting in much smaller pieces. Screens that come in varying sizes and hole diameters can aid in packing the material being ground up.

Some scrap wood grinders also use top and bottom feed rollers for the best throughput and safety.

As an end result it can produce high quality products like boiler fuel and colored landscape mulch, sawmill waste-slabs, wood blocks, bark, boards, wood chips, edgings.