Shred Trucks


Mobile document destruction equipment handles secure document destruction at the source, and onsite destruction of confidential documents is performed at many companies nationwide today. Mobile document destruction equipment in the form of shred trucks are capable of securely destroying high volumes of sensitive materials without transporting them to an off-site facility, increasing security measures.

Secure destruction of confidential documents is required by many corporations in order to keep sensitive information from becoming public. Large organizations such as hospitals and banks require an on-site document destruction capable of large volumes and high throughput, and mobile document destruction systems meet this need.

When choosing a mobile document destruction system, select a shred truck that insures top security with optimal particle size that meets or exceeds NAID specifications, and a system that provides the high-throughput required by many organizations. Efficiency and fuel consumption should also be a concern, making sure that the shredding process is cost effective and profitable.

Vecoplan offers a line of shred trucks ideal for your mobile document destruction requirements. Manufactured to meet the highest standards of high-efficiency confidential document destruction, Vecoplan shredding vehicles deliver high throughput rates with the most secure particle size available, and do so with less fuel, reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money. Many features have revolutionized mobile data destruction, such as Vecoplan’s exclusive QuickLink™ plug-n-play technology and the TaskMaster™ optimized application.