VECOPLAN Technology

Vecoplan is a leading manufacturer of shredders and systems technology. For nearly 40 years, Vecoplan has provided customers with innovative machines to meet their plastics recycling needs. Vecoplan's success is based on their ability to evaluate specific situations and then deliver precise solutions.

HiTorc™ Magnectic Pulse Drive


The HiTorc™ Magnectic Pulse Drive incorporates a synchronous electronic motor (similar to a Servo motor) with a frequency inverter and a digital encoder…

How does it work? Conventional drives with frequency inverters are designed simply to vary the speed of the drive for various reasons. The HiTorc™ drive applies the highest possible torque over a wide speed range. This allows high torque at high RPM, thus limiting the current draw. Because high torque is achieved at higher speeds, shredder performance is greatly enhanced.

  • Up to 100% Increase in Throughput vs. Conventional Drives
  • Up to 85% Reduction in Power Consumption / Energy Useage
  • Maximum Torque Across a Wide Speed Range
  • Quickest Possible Reversing Action
  • Controlled Stop Function
  • No Gearbox, Fluid Coupling or Belts to Adjust or Replace

SureCut™ Shredding System




A revolutionary design which eliminates the typical difficulties usually associated with the processing of plastic film and synthetic fiber materials.

Conventional System Problems

SureCut™ Solutions

Rotor is wrapped by material

Special "nip" cutters prevent wrapping

High Heat Buildup

Extreme cutting efficiency with low speed, high torque

Material is fed too aggressively

“Wedge” counterknife optimizes the cutting angle and keep self feeding material within ideal processing limits

Screen Plugging

Precision tolerances produce exact cutlengths that flow effortlessly

Low Bulk Density

Consistency in particle size

Premature Drivetrain Component Failure

Rugged, upsized gear reducers and fluid clutch