Features & Benefits
Conceptual Features -- Enhancing Manufacturing Operations

(Why buy a rotary grinder)

  • Economic reclamation of manufacturing scrap vs. conventional equipment or disposal.
  • Safe reduction of large parts vs. unsafe manual, guideline/bandsaw or hog reduction.
  • Labor-saving "dump-and-run" loading of batches or bulky/dense parts into large hopper.
  • Low speed, low noise, low HP operation as compared with granulators and hogs.
  • Single-shaft, ram feed design produces a more consistent, manageable particle size as compared to multiple-shaft shredders.
  • One-pass, screened reduction of large/dense parts to a final particle size in most cases.
  • High torque action allows processing of a broad range of tough materials and creates completely new recycling capabilities -- grind 1000 lb. purgings and pallets with ease.
  • Improvement in performance of existing downstream equipment.
  • Ease of cleanout and ease of routine maintenance are inherent to the design such as indexable cutters that can be economically replaced.
  • Automated control of the ram-feed process allows for optimal throughput with virtually jam-free operation. Excessive amperage spikes reverses rotor and ram direction.
  • User-friendly design makes integration into plant very flexible and simple.
  • Has been called "the missing link" in size reduction by industry experts.

Unique Selling Features/Benefits vs. the Competition
(Why buy a Vecoplan)

  • Made by professionals who invented the slow speed single-shaft rotary grinder concept with more collective experience in rotary grinding than anyone else, bar none -- your application will be addressed properly.
  • Refined by experts in failure analysis of metal construction, in business since 1969.
  • Constructed of extremely heavy plate, abrasion-resistant steel reinforced for severe duty applications.
  • All components are deliberately oversized to increase service life.
  • All components are the highest quality available.
  • Components are readily available through a large network of industrial services.
  • Close tolerance (0.010 - 0.020), precision fit cutting rotor processes the thinnest films and produces the most homogenous consistency available.
  • Wear items are engineered for easy access and economical replacement such as ram guide access from outside the machine, quick access screen.
  • Quick cleanout features result in minimal downtime.
  • Innovative rotor design carrie a lifetime warranty.
  • Double-row spherical, self aligning roller bearings mounted outboard for long life and contamination-free operation.
  • All critical components are protected by steel plate covers to prevent impact with heavy parts being loaded and forklifts.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic package with cushioned cylinders, high volume reservoir, adjustable flow / speed control and standard values and switches.
  • Control panels are pre-wired. Programmable logic controls have provisions and space for starters and interlocks with various downstream equipment.
  • Advanced programs allow a very precise relationship between feed ram and cutting rotor yet are extremely "user friendly". Custom integration and electrical installation are available.
  • Custom designed feed hoppers and conveyor systems are available and Vecoplan can design and install entire size reduction systems.
  • Project managers are assigned to work with the customer through every step of the installation and initial operation.
  • Service technicians are on call for quick assistance.
  • Testing can be performed free of charge to ensure proper selection and application of our equipment.