Waste Shredders


waste shreddersVecoplan designs, engineers and manufactures a comprehensive range of waste shredders. These include single-shaft and dual-shaft rotary shredders. Applications include recycling, secure destruction, tire re-shredding, medical waste disposal, composting, refuse derived fuel prep, biomass and cellulosic ethanol fuel prep, as well as general waste processing and recovery.

Vecoplan VAZ Series single-shaft rotary shredders feature low speed, high torque, low noise processing of waste materials. Fed vertically via a hopper positioned above the cutting chamber, you simply dump material into the hopper, push a button and walk away. Material can also be fed into the hopper continuously with an inclined conveyor.

Once material falls into the cutting chamber, a precision hydraulic “Process Ram” pushes material horizontally into a single-shaft, “Torsion Point” cutting rotor. Invented and patented by Vecoplan in 1984, the rotor is embedded with 4-way indexable cutting inserts. As the rotor turns, points on the cutting inserts mesh with, and cut material in between, corresponding teeth on a counter-knife bolted to the bed of the machine’s cutting chamber. The rotor’s cutting inserts are bolted onto holders welded into valleys in the rotor, allowing them to be quickly & easily rotated to each of the 4 cutting points before needing replacement.

A heavy-duty industrial screen fits snuggly around the cutting rotor and determines the particle output size. Vecoplan screens are offered with a variety of hole sizes from 3/8” to 3”. Quick & easy to change, these inexpensive screens allow you to not only control but also change output particle size as needed for specific applications. VAZ shredders feature a low speed, low noise and high torque design that maximizes throughput.

Vecoplan offers a dozen models of their VAZ Series waste shredders. These models are available in hundreds of configurations to meet a comprehensive range of application specific customer parameters. From the VAZ 600 with a 20 HP motor & 24”x38” infeed opening to the VAZ 2500 with Vecoplan’s patented HiTorc® drive motor & 98”x98” infeed opening.

Vecoplan also offers the VTH-VU Series of horizontal single-shaft rotary shredders. Designed specifically for the size reduction of lineal waste such as wood strips, edge rippings, slabs, and long plastic scrap such as siding and vinyl widow profiles. The VTH-VU Series contains six different models, ranging from 40 HP to 125 HP. Infeed widths range from 12” to 33”. Larger, custom models are also available.

Vecoplan’s VVZ and VNZ series of waste shredders feature dual cutting rotors, are engineered to process large volumes of bulky waste, are constructed for durability under extreme application conditions, and are designed for quick & easy maintenance. Often used for the initial size reduction of waste prior to further processing, these shredders process a broad spectrum of different waste types.

Six models are available in Vecoplan’s VVZ series of Hurricane shredders. The smallest, a VVZ 210, weighs 23 tons, has a 67”x83” infeed opening, and features dual 28” diameter cutting rotors. Each rotor is embedded with up to 20 cutting teeth and driven by it’s own 200-250 HP motor. The largest Hurricane shredder, a VVZ 310T, weighs 31 tons, has a 67”x122” infeed opening, and features dual 28” diameter cutting rotors. Each rotor is embedded with up to 22 cutting teeth and driven by it’s own Vecoplan HiTorc 300 HP motor.

Vecoplan offers five models in their VNZ series of shredders. These range from the VNZ 210 (L) to the VNZ 300. Weighing 15 tons, the VNZ 210 (L) has a 49”x83” infeed opening, twin 20” diameter cutting rotors with up to 64 cutters per rotor, and a 180-200 HP motor driving each rotor. The VNZ 300 weighs 20 tons, has a 49”x117” infeed opening, dual 20” diameter cutting rotors with up to 92 cutters per rotor, and a 150-180 HP drive motor driving each rotor.

Vecoplan waste shredders are the preferred choice for the recycling of paper, plastics, rubber, electronics, wood, and textiles, as well as applications that include refuse derived fuel prep, biomass and cellulosic ethanol fuel prep, secure document destruction, composting, tire re-shredding, medical waste size reduction, and general waste processing.