Waste Shredders


The massive quantities of waste materials disposed of yearly have vast potential in the recovery of recyclable material and energy. Crucial to this recovery are waste shredders. Our powerful machines process high volumes of waste while operating at the lowest cost possible.

Every year around the country, millions of tons of waste could be recycled. Vecoplan waste shredders are designed to process huge quantities efficiently and quickly. High throughput with little manual labor input comes from our expertise and vast knowledge of shredding. Known throughout the world, Vecoplan is the preferred provider of the most advanced technological size reduction solutions.

Size reduction in waste resources has increased considerably due not just to the need for smaller volumes but as well as the need for secondary recyclables and the effective use of waste materials as a fuel source. Refuse Derived Fuel could be produced from industrial sources of waste, household consumer waste, or also from sources such as paper, carpet, and wood fiber materials.

Pre-shredders play an important role in the area of waste-to-energy equipment. Pre-shredding is the initial step in the process of shredding unclean and bulky materials. From this point, materials are then processed or sorted utilizing separators, magnetic systems, or screens prior to being sent for further size reduction and shredding to be used as an alternative or substitute fuel resource.