Wood Grinders


Throughout the world,Vecoplan wood grinders have become a crucial and profitable part of converting wood waste into mulch, animal bedding, boiler fuel, and feedstock for pelletizing, as well as simple volume reduction. Eight out of ten companies in the wood industry, including the nation’s biggest manufacturers, use Vecoplan technology and for good reason.

Not only does Vecoplan have a portfolio of equipment to meet every need, we have the experience and know how to make sure every customer finds the best solution for their wood waste application. Gone are the days of paying to have over-flowing dumpsters of jumbled waste wood, full of air pockets, hauled to the landfill. Vecoplan’s dump and run technology ensures high volume throughput without the need for human intervention or extra processing.

For over forty years, Vecoplan has designed, engineered, manufactured, and implemented a line of rotary grinders that meets every type of wood scrap challenge including, saw mill and lumber scrap, old wood pallets, furniture case goods, cabinet scrap, mill work and wood flooring waste, dunnage, and practically any wood residue.

Over 300 machine configurations are available including horizontal models for lineal scrap such as edge rippings, slabs and mouldings. The heart of each unit is our new rotor concept. Developed and patented by Vecoplan, the U rotor is today’s most successful and versatile grinder design. Its low speed high torque action handles any wood waste production job with ease. From wood veeners to logging butt cuts, the ram feed single shaft rotor reduces wood waste to the desired particle size in one pass with maximum throughput and virtually jam free operation. It is fast, efficient, and operator friendly.

Built to last, our shredders are backed by over four decades of wood grinding technology. Vecoplan is able to provide the most advanced wood waste grinding and recycling solutions in the industry. In addition to our rotary grinders, Vecoplan offers a wide range of other models, conveyors, and auxiliary equipment.A variety of advanced options include the exclusive, patented, HiTorc gearless drive. Providing increased through-put, reduced power usage, and less maintenance, these motors are a cost-effective alternative to conventional drives.

Whether your needs are for a single machine, integration of new equipment into an existing facility, or for a new wood waste system, our engineering staff will provide turn-key solution that suits your unique requirements for your specific facility.

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