Wood Waste Grinder


Wood waste grinders provide the recycling industry with greater efficiency and capacity, essentially helping recyclers keep pace with growing demand. From site development to forest management, unmatched amounts of building waste and materials from natural disasters such as hurricanes are contributing to rising demand. No-burn laws and regulations that reduce tolerance for dumping waste into landfills are growing. Officials are looking further for faster, high-volume size reduction machines, wood grinding machines, and waste grinders that can dispose of wood waste materials.

Grinding wood waste saves money. When processed correctly by wood grinder machines, wood waste becomes a valuable product. For example, material such as mulch, erosion control material, boiler fuel, animal bedding or compost feed can be produced. One dump truck load of land clearing waste can yield 8-12 cubic yards of shredded mulch.  Most importantly, you can avoid the costs of moving and landfilling the waste. 

Other sources of waste include wood mills. Wood mills process a variety of wood material including hard-wood, softwood, particleboard, plywood and MDF scrap. Furthermore, the resulting waste materials created from bulky furnishings, window scrap, door scrap, cabinet scrap, and lumber require a wood grinder that is all powerful and encompassing. 

Waste can be different shapes and dimensions, from small wood finish cuts, to rippings, furniture scrap, or flooring.  We start by looking at the specifications and throughput needs for the application. By using this information we are in a position to deliver wood grinder equipment created to fulfill all your needs whether you need to ready your wood to directly feed a boiler or for the many other applications you may need.