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Used Mobile Shred Trucks For Paper & Plastics Recycling

The used shredding trucks in this section were traded in on new shred trucks from Vecoplan. Vecoplan technicians and mechanics in our factory have refurbished most of these shred trucks.

If the used shred truck that you are interested in is a Vecoplan shred truck, you can rest assured of your choice because our mobile shredding trucks are known for their extremely high quality. The components used can withstand extremely high stresses and, furthermore, the special design features of our products make them easy to clean and guarantee quick and easy routine maintenance. This makes Vecoplan used shredding trucks a dependable and affordable alternative when budgets are extremely tight. Inquire about warranties available on our current selection of used shred trucks and set an appointment to inspect these vehicles at our plant.

 Used Shred Truck Inventory


Model / Chassis







PT2409/Vecoplan PT24-XL /  Freightliner M2







STMDS2 / International Hi-Pro 2017 * 26K 48,000 450 *
LG42121 / Vecoplan VST42e / Freightliner M2 2016 * 33K 15,000 340 *
LG42115 / Vecoplan VST42e / Freightliner M2 2016 * 33K 190,000 1000 *
LG4213 / Vecoplan VST42e / International 2009 * 8-10K 222,000 * *

Updated 22-Jan-2021

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