Genuine Vecoplan OEM Cutters

Quite simply a cut above the rest

OEM cutters Genuine Vecoplan OEM cutters are designed specifically for your Vecoplan machine by people who KNOW your machine! Engineered to exacting specification to meet the most demanding tolerances, genuine Vecoplan OEM cutters are manufactured using proprietary cutter compositions and alloys resulting in higher durability and superior wear resistance. Vecoplan OEM cutters are then triple quenched for maximum durability and strength.Vecoplan's exclusive manufacturing process guarantees exacting repeatability across all parts resulting in consistent properties and tolerances. Vecoplan OEM cutters are 4-sided with optimal geometry for higher throughput and precision cutting tolerances match your exact cutting rotor - when a point begins to wear, simply rotate the cutter 90 degrees for a fresh, sharp point. The 4-sided cutters are precision fit on the rotor surface to provide a close .010 to .030 cutting tolerance.

Vecoplan OEM utters are available in a wide variety of styles designed for specific applications for our line of shredders.