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Vecoplan, LLC, located at 5708 Uwharrie Road, Archdale, NC 27263, is an industrial pioneer in the development of shredding and recycling technologies for the plastics, wood, paper and waste industries.

The design of Vecoplan shredders and related products, particularly the single-shaft shredder, is extremely unique in its universal capability to process a wide range of different waste materials. As such, many different types of companies rely on Vecoplan for their primary and auxiliary shredding and processing machinery. Plastic applications, such as reduction of large extruder purgings, processing entire batches of reject molded parts, shredding extrusion, thermoforming, injection and blow molding trim and flash, plastic film bales, bales of PET bottles, carpet waste, synthetic textile fiber waste, etc. are all processed by the same basic shredder and grinder designs used to process wood scraps, trim blocks, edge rippings, pallets, board scrap, etc.

Dynamic markets require dynamic thinking. The development of future-proof technological solutions for demanding areas such as old timber recycling, files and document destruction, shredding municipal and industrial waste of textiles and the realization of complex tailor-made products are our strength. The latest applications include paper (for various applications described below), MSW and C&D Waste. The Vecoplan shredder design is a natural when it comes to secure shredding and document destruction, as well as use for baler prep for signature waste at printers and converters. Leading Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) producers, Waste-to-Energy (WTE) operations, e-scrap recyclers, compost operations, and Construction and Demolition debris MRFs use Vecoplan equipment for the tough processing jobs!



‚ÄčOur commitment pays off.

Innovations by VECOPLAN redefine the market time and again. We are able to do this thanks to the high expectations of our customers, who constantly present our highly qualified staff with new challenges. The opportunity of successfully mastering these challenges together with our customers is a source of pride and inspiration. Our engineers and designers continuously develop innovative concepts and effective solutions for even the most difficult problems which our customers bring to the table: precisely and reliably, on time and on budget.

Numerous patents provide tangible evidence of our exceptional expertise in this field.

A few examples:

  • Centrifugal wedge system
  • Universal cutting system (U-rotor)
  • Other optimizations: Tramp metal protection device ("flipper"), film and fiber rotor as a cutting system for synthetic fibers and tear-resistant films, the high-performance shredder, VVZ.
  • Patenting of the HiTorc drive with optimized efficiency in combination with the single- and double-shaft shredders.

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Working with VECOPLAN LLC is rewarding!

Work with us today to develop the technology of tomorrow.

Vecoplan, LLC is a company serving international markets. We empower our employees with responsibility and opportunities for advancement. We encourage our employees to realize their potential and play an active, long-term role within Vecoplan. This view is grounded in our belief that, in order for a business to be sustainable, it requires not only a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, but also social responsibility towards employees.

Our success is built on the quality and character of our employees. Today, with approximately 450 employees around the world, and locations in Germany, USA, Russia and the UK, Vecoplan is a leading international company delivering – TECHNOLOGY FOR A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW!

We look forward to receiving your application!

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  • 1969: When it all began

    The company is founded in Bad Marienberg, Westerwald, Germany. First deliveries to the sawmill and furniture industries.

  • 1973: First wood recycling plant

    Delivery of the first, complete wood recycling plants.

  • 1978: One-stop service

    Start-up of in-house production at company headquarters in Bad Marienberg.

  • 1984: VECOPLAN Waste Shredder (VAZ) – a patently ingenious development

    Market launch of the universal waste shredder and VAZ series single-shaft shredder with container. Absolute world firsts which enabled solutions for processing waste wood, used pallets and crates contaminated with nails and metal fittings.

  • 1989: New markets

    Successful entry into recycling markets such as plastics, paper and waste.

  • 1989: Innovative development

    Market launch of the universal rotor for shredders. Previously different materials required different rotor systems, but now it was possible to shred all materials at a single plant.

  • 1995: M.A.X. Automation AG

    VECOPLAN becomes a subsidiary of M.A.X. Automation AG in Düsseldorf (formerly M.A.X. Holding AG in Munich). 

  • 1996: Technical Center inauguration

    VECOPLAN opens a technical centrer to enable the processing of waste and raw materials to be demonstrated under realistic conditions. Here 74 different machine combinations are available for conducting test series for customers, and also for training courses and, of course, internal testing by the research and development department.

  • 1996: Another market launch

    Development of a double-shaft shredder. This increases the application of the machine: automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction protects the cutting unit from damage and allows foreign objects to be removed simply and safely.

  • 2000: Foothold in the USA ** 

    On 1 October 2000, the new subsidiary, VECOPLAN LLC, now based in Archdale North Carolina (USA), is established. Vecoplan and competitor Retech successfully integrate into business operations for the North American market.

  • 2001: Energy-efficient solution

    A new cutting unit for synthetic fibres and tear-resistant films makes energy-efficient shredding of problematic waste materials possible for the first time.

  • 2003: Innovative machine concept

    Development of a high-performance shredder for industrial processing of domestic and commercial waste.

  • 2005: Another patent

    VECOPLAN is granted another patent for the highly efficient HiTorc drive combined with the VAZ. The advantages for our customers: an increase in the machine's throughput capacity together with both a reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as greater operational safety. The drive is virtually silent, too.

  • 2005 - 2006: Vecoplan expands

    Vecoplan, LLC in the U.S. doubles the size of its production facility.

  • 2007: Investment continues!

    The 2007 business year sees VECOPLAN LLC invest in future growth, doubling our office, manufacturing and storage facilities. The purchase of more buildings (Plant 3) increases the size of the Bad Marienberg site to 60,000 m², with approx. 19,000 m² of manufacturing and storage facilities and 5,100 m² of office space.

  • 2008: Wider range of services

    In order to meet the individual needs of every single customer more efficiently, the company is restructured into Wood and Recycling divisions at the start of 2008. Focusing on customer service, our Service Division complements this structure.

  • 2010: The story continues with energy

    Launch of the VEBS for producing alternative fuel from production waste (RDF) to generate energy for cement works and power stations.

  • 2011: New mission, new goals

    As a global player, Vecoplan as a group, finishes & implements a focused strategy & new corporate image for staying more in-touch with the market. Market segmentation & product innovation were the hallmarks of this plan.


**ReTech Industries, Inc. was formed in 1996 as a US manufacturer and distributor of specialized, high quality size reduction equipment. It became a leading company in single-shaft rotary shredders and grinders and quickly established a sterling reputation as an applications expert and solutions company. Vecoplan had been operating in the North American markets through distributors since 1989. On October 1st, 2000, Vecoplan and ReTech merged their respective North American operations into a powerful partially owned subsidiary of Vecoplan AG, now called Vecoplan, LLC. The ReTech name lived on as the trade name for the single-shaft line of shredders and grinders, and the founders of ReTech, Len Beusse (Vecoplan, LLC Chief Operating Officer) and Marty Kennedy (Vecoplan, LLC Executive Vice President) became partners with Vecoplan in the American venture. Beusse and Kennedy went on to run the American operations.