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industrial shredders, industrial shredder, recycling equipment

Whether you're using an industrial shredder for simple waste volume reduction, for recycling, for secure destruction, for composting, or for some type of material repurposing such as WTE, RDF, PEF, or another alternative fuel application, Vecoplan provides the mechanical technologies and the practical knowledge needed to achieve your goals. Vecoplan designs and manufactures an array of industrial shredders and re-shredders in both single shaft and multiple shaft configurations, as well as complete size reduction systems that employ multiple machines tailored to achieve specific results in the most efficient and economical manner possible. This is possible because of experience with shredding technologies. Experience working in conjunction with a diverse collection of experts, on a broad spectrum of applications, for an extensive scope of industries, from a wide range of companies around the world, has uniquely positioned Vecoplan as the preferred provider of Technologically Advanced Size Reduction Solutions.

Types of Industrial Shredders