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Industrial Paper Shredders For Secure Shredding, Paper Recycling, Printer's Waste & Baler Prep

Vecoplan industrial paper shredders are the leading shredding technology in the document destruction industry, the printing industry, and the paper recycling industry. Vecoplan single-shaft rotary shredders feature low speed, high torque, low noise processing of paper, cardboard, plastics, and a variety of other materials. Fed vertically via a hopper positioned above the cutting chamber, you simply dump material into the hopper, push a button, and walk away. With continuous feed commercial shredders, the material can also be fed into the hopper continuously with an inclined conveyor. A heavy-duty industrial screen fits snuggly around the cutting rotor and determines the particle output size. Vecoplan screens are offered with a variety of hole sizes from 3/8” to 3”. Quick & easy to change, these inexpensive screens allow you to not only control but also change output particle size as needed for specific applications. A Vecoplan industrial document shredder features low speed, low noise, and high torque design that maximizes throughput.



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Vecoplan designs, engineers, manufactures, installs, provides start-up, and training, on a comprehensive line of waste paper recycling machines and turnkey paper shredding systems. Vecoplan industrial paper shredders and systems are field-proven in multiple industries, thousands of companies, and decades of service. Vecoplan also offers ongoing parts & service on all of its industrial recycling machinery and equipment. Contact Vecoplan and take advantage of our unequaled experience in industrial paper shredding technologies.


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Ultimate Turnkey Shredding Systems Capability

Vecoplan has over 45 years of experience designing and installing complete turnkey shredding systems including tippers, sorting conveyors, sorting and feeding equipment, balers, and Vecoplan's exclusive TUCS™ Truck Unloading Containment System. Data protection demands special measures, especially in the reduction of records, securities, or archive materials containing personal data. If proper measures are not taken, it could lead to dire consequences. Obviously, this material has to be destroyed securely, safely, and confidentially. Vecoplan offers the ideal secure shredding solution in the form of Vecoplan secure destruction shredders and turnkey shredding systems.

Vecoplan - Complete Paper Shredding Solutions

The Right Solution For Any Paper Application

  • Plant Based Document Destruction Systems

    The document destruction industry turns to Vecoplan for total secure shredding solutions. Large, small or somewhere in between, Vecoplan plant based shredders deliver secure “cross-cut” consistency in a single pass. In fact, since you determine the output particle size, you can change it to meet the changing levels of security required by your evolving customer base. And Vecoplan shredders are truly industrial strength shredders - easilly shredding paper, cardboard, full banker’s boxes, 3-ring binders, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, film, hard drives, counterfeit products, textiles, wood, etc. Vecoplan also provides complete plant-based shredding systems, with in-feed tippers or conveyors, in-feed hoppers, the shredder of course, out-feed conveyors, dust collection, and balers.

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  • Paper Recycling

    The paper recycling industry takes advantage of the same features and benefits incorporated into Vecoplan shredders and systems. All of the things that make Vecoplan shredders perfect for the document destruction and printing industries also apply to general paper processing and recycling. Plus, since Vecoplan shredders process such a wide variety of materials they can be, and are, used to recycle plastics and other valuable waste commodities. If you’re already recycling multiple materials, you can use one machine. If you’re only recycling paper, a Vecoplan shredder gives you the option to expand into other markets without having to invest in additional equipment.

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  • Printers Waste

    The printing and converting industries look to Vecoplan for shredding and paper waste management solutions. Vecoplan shredders process slabs, rolls, signatures, butt rolls, sheets, corrugated, die-cut waste, overruns, skeletons, hardbound books, or any type of printers’ waste quickly and easily. Vecoplan’s industrial paper shredders not only deliver “true dump & run operation”, but smart baler prep. Vecoplan shredders eliminate the need for guillotines or floor sweeps and deliver shred sizes that produce neat, tight bales. Easily integrated into existing systems, including pneumatic material handling systems, Vecoplan shredders are ideal for web press or sheet fed printing plants

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In their continuing efforts to remain on the cutting edge of size reduction technology, Vecoplan, LLC offers comprehensive viability testing of your materials. Their complete in-house test lab and size reduction facility allows you and Vecoplan's engineers to perform feasibility studies on trial runs of your materials under production conditions. All data along with technical analysis remains confidential between Vecoplan, LLC and the customer.

For additional information or to schedule a test run, call (336) 861-6070.