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Special applications such as - Medical Waste Shredder, Wood Pellet Equipment

vecoplan special applicationsEvery application was once a “special application”. Vecoplan started in Wood. Next Vecoplan was asked to design a shredder for the large Plastic purgings that traditional granulators couldn’t handle. Today Vecoplan shredders are the preeminent method of size reduction in the Plastics Industry. Strip shredders were once the most widely used machinery in the Document Destruction Industry, but two machines were required to achieve cross cutting to meet security levels and strip shredders only worked on paper. Enter Vecoplan with cross cut consistency in one pass, screened particle size and the ability to shred virtually anything. Vecoplan shredders are now a standard in Document Destruction.

The re-shredding of old tires is one of the most recent “special applications” for Vecoplan shredders. Used to process pre-shredded tires, Vecoplan RTR Series Tire Re-Shredders liberate wire from rubber and rubber from wire, generating two individually marketable end products and generating new markets, as well as increased profits for tire recyclers.

Bring your toughest "special application" to us. We thrive on challenges. Our global footprint, the expertise that comes from working in such a wide variety of industries, applications and countries, combined with our history and corporate culture of invention and innovation uniquely position Vecoplan to deliver the solution to your "special application".

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Together – We can thrive in the business environment by adapting to the natural environment!

Your Application - Our Shredder!

  • Medical Waste

    Vecoplan is a leader in medical waste shredding equipment and shred technology. Our shredding machinery is an integral part of a superior medical waste treatment system that will help provide the best medical waste management solution.

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  • Product Destruction

    Defective, off-spec or out-of-date products can easily become a health or safety risk - putting your customers in potential danger, and you at a considerable legal responsibility. Or, if your prototype product should fall into the wrong hands, it could spell the end of your business. The solution? Reliable product destruction.

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  • Textiles

    Vecoplan provides shredders and systems for a variety of textile processing applications. These include secure destruction, recycling and process engineered fuel (PEF) – when a significant fraction volume of the waste stream being processed as an alternative fuel source is composed of textiles.

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  • Tires

    Extremely tough tire processing equipment is necessary to tackle the preparation and recycling of waste rubber tires. Tire re-shredders from Vecoplan are superior to other shredders, creating the most value by outputting a cleaner product – a high quality rubber chip product free from wire.

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  • Aluminum

    Vecoplan delivers turnkey systems for a variety of specialized aluminum recycling applications. These include shredding of aluminum briquettes, UBCs (Used Beverage Containers), and other waste made of aluminum. Vecoplan technologies are especially adept at recycling bulk scrap consisting of aluminum composites.

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  • E-Scrap

    Electronic media and devices are a rapidly growing part of our waste stream. Most of this e-scrap contains confidential information. In the wrong hands, the misuse of this information can have dire consequences. Vecoplan e-scrap shredders securely destroy electronic scrap in the most effective manner possible. Vecoplan shredders process electronic products such as laptop and notepad computers, cell phones, hard-drives, circuit boards, CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, videotapes, and a wide range of other types of electronic scrap that have reached the end of their useful life but still contain confidential information.

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In their continuing efforts to remain on the cutting edge of size reduction technology, Vecoplan, LLC offers comprehensive viability testing of your materials. Their complete in-house test lab and size reduction facility allows you and Vecoplan's engineers to perform feasibility studies on trial runs of your materials under production conditions. All data along with technical analysis remains confidential between Vecoplan, LLC and the customer.

For additional information or to schedule a test run, call (336) 861-6070.