Plastic Container Recycling

Vecoplan Shredders for Drums and IBCs

Plastic bottles, buckets, barrels, drums, IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), totes and tanks are all popular types of reusable containers. But, at some point, all are damaged, contaminated, or simply wear-out. Once they have reached the end of life, their value lies in recycling. The first step in recycling is size reduction, and that’s Vecoplan’s area of expertise.

Vecoplan designs, engineers and manufactures industrial plastic shredders, as well as complete size reduction systems used to recycle all types of plastic containers. With multiple field proven installations specifically in this application, Vecoplan has the experience to custom tailor a machine or system to meet your needs.

The right shredding system for you starts by asking you the right questions. What type of containers will you be processing? What size or sizes are the containers? What volumes? What are they made of - polyethylene – HDPE - composite? What size do the output particles need to be? What throughput volume do you need? Will there be any tramp metal contamination? What are you planning to do with the reclaimed plastic? Your answers to these and other questions, combined with real world experience, enables Vecoplan to deliver your perfect solution! Contact Vecoplan to discuss your custom shredding solution.