Used Equipment

Pre-Owned Shredders
Or better put: machines that are as good as new.

The machines in this section were traded in on new machines from Vecoplan. Vecoplan technicians and mechanics in our factory have refurbished most of these machines.

If the machine that you are interested in is a Vecoplan, you can rest assured in your choice because our machines are known for their extremely high quality. The components used can withstand extremely high stresses and, furthermore, the special design features of our products make them easy to clean and guarantee quick and easy routine maintenance. This makes used Vecoplan equipment a dependable and affordable alternative when budgets are extremely tight. Inquire about warranties available on our current selection of used machines and to set an appointment to inspect these machines at our plant.

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Machine# / Brand



Scanhugger HL 4-14-13 (75HP, 460V) 2004
V2893/Veco RG62/200 K FF T 2006
V2313/Veco RG62/150 FF 2003
V2612/Veco RG52/60 S MW 2005
V2780/Veco RG32/20 2005
Cresswood HF-30 25HP *
Rapid 6090 KB Granulator (125 HP) *
V3104/Veco RG32/20 2006
Cumberland Cumberland Granulator (75 HP) *
V3293/Veco RG42/60 P XL 2007
Belt Conveyor RI36/21 *
V4140/Veco VAZ 1100 XL 2013
V2163/Veco RG42/30 K 2002
V3977/Veco VAZ 1300 M (100 HP) NewGen 2012
V2016/Veco RG52/100 K w/new 8C Economy Panel 2000

Updated 3/7/2018