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Testing & Demonstrations

In their continuing efforts to remain on the cutting edge of size reduction technology, Vecoplan, LLC offers comprehensive viability testing of your materials. Their complete in-house test lab and size reduction facility allows you and Vecoplan's engineers to perform feasibility studies on trial runs of your materials under production conditions. All data along with technical analysis remains confidential between Vecoplan, LLC and the customer. For additional information or to schedule a test run, call (336) 861-6070.


  • Many shredder and grinder models available for testing
  • Full Conveyor and Material Handling System
  • Metal Detection and Separation
  • Free "Short-Run" Testing
  • "Long-Run" Tests Available

Please send test samples prepaid to the following address:

Vecoplan, LLC
5708 Uwharrie Road
Archdale, NC 27263
Attn: Sharon Thomas
Phone: (336) 861-6070

*Although Vecoplan, LLC is more than happy to videotape tests, it is strongly recommended that you visit the test facility in person and witness tests personally.