Woodworking Scrap

The Wood Grinder For Wood Workers

Vecoplan grinders for woodworking scrap are world-class – worldwide.

Worldwide, because they can be found on all continents except Antarctica, and world-class because they are the used in more industrial applications that any other wood grinder – period! Vecoplan wood scrap grinders for scrap wood recycling can be found in all industries that process wood or manufacture products made from wood.

the wood grinder

As you read this, Vecoplan wood grinders are shredding scrap in plants that manufacture millwork, windows, doors, and flooring. Furniture factories, including residential case goods and upholstered, office, institutional, and contract furniture factories use Vecoplan wood grinders for waste wood recycling. Manufactures of kitchen and bath cabinets also consistently choose wood grinders from Vecoplan.

Greenwood or dry wood, large scrap or small scrap, hardwoods or softwoods, solid or composites, Vecoplan wood recycling equipment handle all types of scrap wood. For general scrap, of mixed shapes and sizes, Vecoplan offers their VAZ grinder series. VAZ grinders are fed vertically via a large hopper positioned above the cutting chamber. Or if most of your scrap is lineal, Vecoplan offers their VTH series of horizontally fed grinders. Perfect for edge rippings, slabs, moldings, profiles, flooring, or any long wood, VTH grinders are fed by a vibratory conveyor that comes standard with the machine.

Vecoplan has established itself as the gold standard of wood scrap grinders for scrap wood recycling, not just because of their universal applicability, but even more for their reliability, and ease of use. Vecoplan grinders are first and foremost built for reliability for wood recycling. This includes low speed/high torque design, high output “Torsion Point” cutting rotors, robotically welded, stress-free frames, oversized drive trains, heavy outboard spherical roller bearings, rugged hydraulics, built-in tramp metal protection, and overall heavy-duty construction.

But they’re also easy to operate and maintain. Wood grinders from Vecoplan feature true dump & run operation. You simply dump material into the hopper or onto the conveyor, push a button and walk away. And with user-friendly PLC controls, easy accessibility to all wear items, 4-way indexable cutting inserts, quick and easily changed screens, guides & wipers – maintenance is fast and simple.

If you have wood scrap, Vecoplan has a wood scrap grinder that is perfect for you.