Patents Held By Vecoplan:


 Vecoplan LLC - Archdale, NC (US)

Patent Number

Patent Title

Associated Products

US 7,198,213 B2

Mobile Shredder

VST-32i / VST-42e

US 7,673,826 B2

Mobile Shredder VST-32i / VST-32-Shorty / VST-42e

US 7,757,987 B2

Mobile Shredder VST-32-Shorty / VST-42e

US 9,144,803 B2

Shredder with Multi-Point Cutters All Vecoplan Shredders capable of using Cutters



Vecoplan AG - Bad Marienburg (DE)

Patent Number

Patent Title

Associated Products

US 6,837,453 B2

Shredder All Vecoplan Shredders with Film & Fiber (SureCutTM) Rotor 

US 7,168,640 B2

Method and Apparatus for Comminuting Waste All Vecoplan Shredders with Hi-Torc  Drive

US 7,757,983 B2

Comminuting Apparatus with a Reduced Number of Bearings  

US 9,233,376 B2

Comminuting Device Including a Rotary Current Asynchonous Motor and a Non-Positive Traction Drive and Method for its Operation All Vecoplan Shredders utilizing V-Belt Rotor Drive and Traction Control (like V-ECO)