Multiple Grinders Work Best For Penn Pallet Operations


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Multiple Grinders Work Best For Penn Pallet Operations: Pennsylvania Company Upgrades Two Vecoplan Grinders at Main Plant

Read the great write-up by Pallet Enterprise on how Penn Pallet utilizes Vecoplan grinders to handle wood waste.

Make the most of your wood scrap. Find out how a Pennsylvania company turned to Vecoplan grinders for the right solution.

Saint Marys, Pennsylvania — Like other pallet or sawmill companies, managing residual materials is a significant part of the business for Penn Pallet. The company’s cut-up operations and pallet recycling operations generate considerable scrap wood material.

Penn Pallet replaced two grinders at its flagship plant in Saint Marys, Pennsylvania, last year, and needed to look no further than the supplier — Vecoplan — that had equipped it with three grinders at the plant in years past.

Vecoplan supplied a 40 hp grinder that was installed in 1990. By the time it was replaced last summer, it had accumulated nearly 150,000 hours of use — and it was still running. The 1990 grinder still had the original gearbox, cutting rotor, and hydraulic ram, according to Vecoplan. The grinder and another 40 hp Vecoplan machine were replaced with new 60 hp models from Vecoplan.

Penn Pallet considered other manufacturers of grinding equipment, but came back to Vecoplan. The pallet company has been attracted to Vecoplan because of “the way they’re built,” said general manager Doug Cunningham.

Vecoplan grinders are made of high quality materials and construction, suggested Cunningham. The machines have performed well and also have proven to be durable and reliable.

The company had two Vecoplan grinders for a number of years and added a third about five years ago. “Instead of having one large grinder, we have several throughout the facility,” explained Cunningham. “As fast as the waste is being produced, we grind it right there instead of transporting it to another location to grind.”

Pallet has found its grinding operations are more efficient that way, although having multiple grinders may not be the right solution for everyone, suggested Cunningham. “You have to do your own evaluation. In our case, it works better for us.”

German-based Vecoplan, with production facilities and offices in two locations in the U.S, manufactures equipment for shredding, grinding, or chipping wood material. It also manufactures wood fuel pellet mills and ancillary equipment for processing wood material, including conveyors, separators, and storage and feeding systems. The company also provides equipment for handling and reducing other solid waste materials, including paper, plastic, construction and demolition debris, and more.

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