Congratulations Luther Peoples


Vecoplan Electrical Department Manager!

Congratulations Luther "Luke" Peoples! Congratulations Luther "Luke" Peoples![/caption] Luther, “Luke”, Peoples has been named Electrical Department Manager at Vecoplan, LLC. All of Vecoplan’s control panels and systems for their shredders, recycling, waste-to-fuel, and secure destruction systems are produced in Vecoplan’s UL508 shop. As well, Vecoplan’s Electrical Department designs and produces control panels and integrated industrial control systems for VIC (Vecoplan Integrated Controls) a leading manufacturer of industrial controls and systems for other equipment OEMs, large processing plants, and integrators. These systems simplify, coordinate and automate the operation of manufacturing lines or entire factories. Mr. Peoples new responsibilities include overseeing aspects of the design engineering, programming, production and quality control teams at Vecoplan. Previously an Electrical QC Engineer at Vecoplan since 2006, Mr. Peoples brings 33 years of combined experience in electronics and industrial controls to his new position. Starting as a Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy, where he studied Advanced Applications of Electronic Warfare, he also worked as an Electronics Technician at Bekenton USA, Inc. before joining Vecoplan. According to Todd Carswell, VP of Technical Service at Vecoplan, “Luke has proven himself time and again over the last 9 years. He’s been great on our team and he’ll be even better heading-up our team moving forward!” Vecoplan is a worldwide leader in shredding, recycling, waste and biomass processing technologies. For more Information contact Vecoplan, LLC at: 336-861-6070, Email: [email protected] or visit our website at    

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