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In honor of Global Recycling Day this March 18, we wanted to share how our industrial shredders contribute to recycling activity at our recycling hero customers. Vecoplan industrial shredders and grinders process almost any material. From wood to plastics to paper, the shredded matter that comes out of our shredders is upcycled and/or repurposed.

Vecoplan industrial shredders help our global recycling heroes recycle plastics, paper, wood, biomass, and waste materials every day.

Take for example Vecoplan customer Woodgrain in Idaho. Woodgrain’s lumber division uses the VHZ 1600 to grind planer end cuts (lumber scrap pieces) to sell to a company that makes composite building materials, including flooring.

wood recycling

Vecoplan Shredders Help Fight Plastics Pollution

With plastics recycling being a hot topic, Vecoplan is proud to be part of the closed loop solution. Our shredders process both post-industrial and post-consumer plastics of all kinds. One customer uses a Vecoplan VAZ 2000 to pre-shred plastic first, then a VEZ 2500 to re-shred it. With their full Vecoplan recycling system, this customer creates pellets that are converted to commercial wax and alternative fuel. Our customers Recycling Technology Consultants and Envirovision Technologies buy plastic scrap that they process with Vecoplan shredders, reselling the material to companies that want to use recycled content in their products.

Other customers use our shredders for in-house recycling, meaning any waste from manufacturing production is upcycled in some way. One furniture customer shreds the trim waste from sofa seat cushions, which is made of polyurethane foam, to make pillow stuffing. Another customer, Regenex, uses recycled vinyl to make window frames and decking. Their four Vecoplan shredders contribute to the recycling loop by processing in-house plastic scrap in addition to grinding up purchased recyclable material, diverting that scrap from landfills.

Have you ever shredded your financial statements or other sensitive documents? Vecoplan plant-based and mobile shredders do this on a large scale. Companies like ProSHRED Security, Ranger Shredding and Document Destruction are able to recycle all that shredded paper that goes back into, you guessed, paper!

Vecoplan Shredders are a Proud Player in Recycling

With so many items being recyclable, Vecoplan shredders play an integral part of the process. We celebrate Global Recycling Day and are proud to be a player in sustainability and the circular economy alongside our recycling hero customers.

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