Document Destruction Relies On Vecoplan Shred Trucks


Hometown Shredder Grows with Vecoplan Shred Trucks

Mike Callihan is a likeable guy. Personable, smart, fun and approachable. Qualities he has also instilled into his business, Document Destruction. Based in Cincinnati, Mike started the business in 2004 after deciding his first company, a business forms endeavor, had a limited future with online documentation on the rise. He decided to transition to records destruction because he saw it as a business that would be viable for years to come. Privacy laws had recently been put in place, and he didn’t see those regulations ever going away for companies that handled personal data. His initial business equipment? An old used box truck with a manual-feed shredder on it.

Document Destruction Chooses Vecoplan Shred Trucks To Support Company Growth

Document Destruction, like many start-up businesses, had its highs and lows. Mike had to take risks to invest in the shredding business. The old truck and manual paper shredder were not efficient or reliable. He had to find the right staff – ones that he could trust. The risks paid off. Today Document Destruction is a $2 million company. Growing from one to now four operating locations, Mike has relied on Vecoplan shred trucks to be the mobile shredder of choice to support this growth.

“When I first met the Vecoplan team at the NAID (National Association of Information and Destruction) show in 2018, I liked that I was talking to the guys who built the trucks. They were just regular guys, not technical engineers. Vecoplan has purposely built their trucks for guys like that – like me – who don’t need an engineering degree to figure out how the truck works,” Mike recalls.

Mike ended up buying a Vecoplan mobile shred truck on the spot at that NAID show – something he had not planned to do – and subsequently bought five more over the next two years. “Vecoplan has that family feel to it, like I’m one of them, like I’m important to them,” adds Mike. “I liked what I saw in their trucks at that NAID show: more cargo space, a 3-year warranty, and a lot of truck for the money. So I kept buying them when I needed more. I have been very happy with my decision. I would tell anyone in this business when it’s time to buy their next shred truck, they should at least look at what the Vecoplan truck has to offer.”

Dave Schulkers, Document Destruction’s operations manager, has often been the person to pick up shred trucks from Vecoplan’s North Carolina manufacturing facility to deliver them to the Midwest. “I love going to visit Vecoplan! I’ve driven both a CDL and non-CDL of their models back to our office. The guys in the plant show me any new things they’re working on, and make sure I’m happy about everything before they release their mobile shredder.”

Document Destruction Provides Peace Of Mind To Customers With On-Site Shredding

Coined “the hometown shredder” because of its deep roots in Cincinnati (the company is a sponsor of the Reds major league baseball team), Document Destruction prides itself in serving its customers. In Mike’s opinion, on-site document destruction services provide security to customers in regards to the liability they face in holding and processing personal information of their clientele. He views secure mobile on-site shredding at the customer’s location as a viable business model. “The volume of documents may vary each week, but firms still need the service. It’s more secure for a company use a service than to shred in-house, and it’s less expensive for them too. I am providing a peace of mind to my customers, not just paper shredding services. That’s really the foundation of the service Document Destruction provides.”

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