Horizontal Granulators and Shredders


VH-Series Size Reduction Solution

VECOPLAN’s VH-Series of horizontal granulators and shredders are the economical size reduction solution for profile extrusions and other lineal scrap. The VH-Series contains models ranging from 40 to 200 HP, with feed widths from 18” to 50”. Machines comes with a pre-wired control panel and 16’ L vibration conveyor for horizontal feeding of lineal scrap such as profile extrusions, small diameter pipe and PVC siding. Multiple feed rollers grip material coming from the conveyor and advance the material into the cutting rotor. The amperage load, which the processing action places on the cutting rotor, determines the feed rate via a signal to both the conveyor and the feed rollers. A sizing screen similar to conventional granulators determines particle size. Machines in the VH-Series offer a choice of cutting rotors. All models are available with a precision granulator rotor in 2-4-knife configurations in a moderately open design. This granulator rotor turns at a mid-speed RPM and utilizes sharp knives similar to conventional granulator blades. A proprietary clamping system secures the knives in place and affords several sharpening intervals. When a small and uniform granulate is needed, the granulator rotor is suggested. If a larger and rougher particle size is acceptable, VH-series models can be supplied with the VECOPLAN shredding rotor. VECOPLAN has used the patented shredding rotor in its vertical feed shredders since 1983 and it is used in shredding operations throughout the plastics industry.

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