Pelican Packaging Chooses Vecoplan Plastics Shredders


Why Pelican Packaging is Loyal to Vecoplan

Pelican Packaging is a fully integrated plastics processor and toller with operations in North Carolina and Texas. A customer since 2001, they have four Vecoplan industrial shredders to process both in-house and tolled scrap.

Pelican Packaging’s operation consists post-industrial plastics processing and recycling. Shredding, granulating and repelletizing material are at the center of its process, which totals 60-70 million lbs. of material per year. Pelican differentiates itself from other plastics recycling companies by how well it does the processing and reprocessing, and the tough material it accepts. Vecoplan shredders are a vital part of this plastics processing system.

“Huge purges – the size of a trailer – are one item we take on that other processors shy away from,” says Reed Millett, Engineering/Equipment Manager for Pelican. “We also process sheets used in the automotive and aerospace industries that are 2 to 4 inches thick.”

Millett says given the plastics they process, their Vecoplan shredders are pushed to their limit. “Our Vecoplan shredders definitely take abuse. Guys have to wear hard hats when we’re processing certain material. We had to build shrapnel hoods to contain projectile material.”

Vecoplan Plastics Shredders Are Built To Last

The four Vecoplan shredders in their facilities have been running a long time. None has under 20,000 hours clocked on it. Their oldest one, purchased in 2001, has over 40,000 hours on it, demonstrating that a general-purpose, heavy-duty plastics shredder can withstand the test of time. Two of their Vecoplan heavy-duty plastics shredders have rip cutters specifically to shred film and fiber. The fourth is an XL with a large diameter rotor.

“They are definitely reliable machines. And I know what I’m getting each time with Vecoplan because they are consistent across all machines. It’s a simple, well-designed machine with interchangeable components. We can run the same material across all of them.”

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