Shredding the Competition - April 2016 Edition


Shred Head Sales Tip for April

Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions

Just in case you missed my session at the NAID Conference on Friday April 8th titled "Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions", here is a short review:

Three of the main reasons sales people fail are:

* Lack of initial sales training and support
* Lack of an effective prospecting system or strategy
* Lack of ongoing support and COACHING!

Every great athlete believes in having a coach to help them get better and improve their game every day. Look at top tennis professionals and golf professionals. Sales and business is no different. The best sales people are the ones who have been coached to become great and want to become the best at what they do. They have an "inner drive" to want to get there. If you are a destruction business owner, you can be that coach!

It all starts though with finding the right candidates for your organization or asking yourself:

" Does your existing sales staff have what it takes to become great with the right coaching?"

What are the qualities of sales superstars?

Sales Superstars are:

* Coachable
* Goal Oriented
* Internally motivated
* Have a positive attitude
* Likeable
* Good listeners and good communicators
* Professionally persistent
* Challengers

If you or your sales team members have any of these qualities, then they can become better and produce more with effective coaching. There is a huge difference between managing and coaching.
Also, how you manage their activity and hold them accountable plays a pivotal role on coaching your sales person into a sales champion.

Sales training is what's needed to become a salesperson; Sales Coaching is what's needed to become a Sales Champion.

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Vecoplan Client of the Month:

Gilmore Services, Pensacola, FL



Company Name: Gilmore Services, Pensacola, FL

1) Meet the Team:

Lucas Gilmore-VP of Operations and Facilities
Jacob Gilmore-VP of Finance and Purchasing
Jim Beran- VP of Sales and Marketing

2) Years in Business:

60 years; Founded in Pensacola in 1955 as a Commercial and residential moving company, a service in which we still provide today; along with Records and Information Management.

3) Services Provided and Service Area:

We service all of Northwest Florida, Central & Southern Alabama and surrounding areas. We provide Records Management, Document Scanning/Imaging, and Information

4) What advice would you give other Information Destruction/Information management companies?:

"Try to provide the best customer service possible. Word of mouth of negative experiences travels faster than any other type of communication. Work with vendors that understand the importance of customer service. This means they understand when an Onsite truck goes down they need to send you parts ASAP or your container vendors are the ones that have plenty of inventory on hand so that when you land that big account you can get them placed quickly!" (Lucas Gilmore)

5) Why do you utilize Vecoplan equipment?:

" We were looking for an Onsite/Mobile Shred Truck that didn't have the Hydraulics as we have had a ton of issues with Hydraulics such as leaks and sensor issues. We were also looking for something that was more economical from the upfront cost of the truck and also what maintenance cost would be during the life of the truck. The MST series trucks have solid cutter knives and maintenance free bearings so replacement cost will be cut in half compared to the other trucks in my fleet that have a different setup.

We looked closely at the MST series trucks at the last 2 NAID Conferences and talked with a couple other operators before ordering our first MST-6 last Summer. We really like how this truck is built and the utilization of the electric generator. We now have 3 of these trucks!" (Lucas Gilmore)


Learn more about the MST Series trucks!

Learn More about Gilmore Services!



Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?

To see a full list of available used equipment or for more pictures of trucks, please contact us today at [email protected] or [email protected].


2012 Alpine V-MAX CDL Mobile Shred Truck


2012 Alpine V-MAX CDL Mobile Shred Truck 12,000 lb. payload! - $120,000
Condition- Very good

Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great dependable shred truck for a high payload/high throughput application. Previous owner upgraded for a VST 42e for more versatility.

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2013 Vecoplan VST 42e CDL "The BEAST"


2013 Vecoplan VST 42e CDL "The BEAST" - $150,000
Condition- Excellent

This truck will destroy anything! Need to provide on site product destruction? uniform destruction? pill bottles? etc.......and destroy paper with high security shred size capability? This is your truck!



Shred School Dates and Cities to be announced soon


Fresh off another successful NAID Conference, the 2016 NAID Shred School schedule will be announced very soon.

Vecoplan and Ray Barry will be involved as usual so we look forward to seeing you and your team there.


Click here to register for Shred School!





VECOPLAN, LLC Introduces New Line of Shredding Trucks

The Company unveiled its General Purpose "Pierce & Tear" Models at the 2016 NAID Annual Conference in Orlando

ARCHDALE, NC, April 4, 2016 -- Vecoplan, the world leader in advanced industrial shredding technologies, will launch its much-anticipated MST line of shredding trucks at the upcoming NAID Annual Conference & Expo. The conference was held April 7, 8, and 9, 2016 at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla.

The new line expands Vecoplan's family of shredding truck models, and will be marketed in addition to its vaunted VST series. Whereas the VST will continue to serve customers for the more sophisticated, and high security jobs, as well as special apps, the new MST series is more general purpose in nature. It will initially be offered in two models, a 33,000 GVW CDL model, and a 26,000 non-CDL GVW model. The MST series will be available with various chassis-cab brands.

The MST truck line is being produced in partnership with AXO Shredders. The new MST line will utilize AXO's Fatso 500-16 shredders, a proven and technologically superior design when it comes to "Pierce & Tear" shredders. Vecoplan will adopt certain other design features from the proven AXO trucks, however the MST line will be produced exclusively in Vecoplan's North Carolina plant. With this arrangement, Vecoplan essentially becomes AXO's North American distribution partner. So, the new line offers all of the quality and performance you've come to expect from Vecoplan, but now combined with the best shear-shredder in the industry. Look for the "Powered by AXO" label on Vecoplan's new MST series.

Len Beusse, Vecoplan's Managing Director and COO, states "Not only does this development result in more options for our customers, but it combines the best of truck and shredder design from two industry-leading companies. We are extremely excited".

VECOPLAN is a leading manufacturer of advanced industrial grinding, shredding and size reduction equipment. VECOPLAN shredding and recycling equipment is the preferred choice for most industrial applications in the woodworking industries, plastics processing and recycling industries, printing and converting industries, secure destruction industry, general waste processing, alternative fuels and recovery industries.

For more information contact Vecoplan at:
Phone: 336.861.6070
Email: [email protected]
or visit our website at


Learn More about the newest mobile shred trucks!



Vecoplan also provides Consulting Services to help grow your business!


We  can provide training and consulting in the following areas:

- Sales Training for your entire team, including service technicians
- In-depth Destruction industry training after they go to Shred School
- Business growth consulting for owners and leaders
- Sales development and marketing plans with customized tools for your organization
- Monthly Sales coaching and guidance
- Start up engagements
- Much more...........


Contact us today if you would like to grow your business and see if you qualify for our FREE training available to Vecoplan clients! Email Bob Korkos at [email protected].


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