Shredding the Competition - February Edition


Shredding the Competition- February Edition 


 Shred Head Sales Tip for February    


Coaching Sales People into Sales Champions

Two of the main reasons some salespeople fail are:

  • Lack of initial sales training and support
  • Lack of ongoing support and COACHING

Every great athlete believes in having a coach to help them get better and improve their game every day. Look at top tennis professionals and golf professionals. Sales and business is no different. The best sales people are the ones who have been coached to become great and want to become the best at what they do. They have an "inner drive" to want to get there. If you are a destruction business owner, you can be that coach!

It all starts though with finding the right candidates for your organization or asking yourself, "Does your existing sales staff have it what it takes to become great with the right coaching?"

What are the qualities of sales superstars?

Sales superstars are:

  • Coachable
  • Goal oriented
  • Internally motivated
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Likeable
  • Good listeners and good communicators
  • Professionally persistent
  • Challengers

If you or your sales team members have any of these qualities, then they can become better and produce more with effective coaching. There is a huge difference between managing and coaching.

Also, how you manage their activity and hold them and (yourself) accountable plays a pivotal role on coaching your sales person into a sales champion.

Sales training is what's needed to become a salesperson; Sales Coaching is what's needed to become a Sales Champion.

If you are interested in learning:

  • How coaching is different than managing?
  • What to listen for with your sales team?
  • What type of Sales professional performs the best in the information destruction industry?
  • What activity should we manage and how?
  • How to hold sales people accountable and responsible for their results?
  • How to create top performers?
  • And much more........

Then join me for my session at the NAID Annual Conference on Friday April 8th at 10:00AM and also receive "The top 10 Coaching Questions to ask your sales professionals today" as a take-away!

See you there!


Email Bob Korkos at [email protected] for more business improvement tips like these!



Vecoplan Client of the Month:


ShredPro Secure





Meet the Team: 

Cathy Stooksbury,


Cathy is a graduate of The University of Tennessee.  She brings over 10 years' experience in the shredding industry to ShredPro Secure.  In her previous position, she was responsible for National Accounts for a large, regional shredding company.

Jonas Rice,

General Manager

Jonas is a graduate of The University of Tennessee.  He has over 20 years' experience in large corporate banking and finance.  Additionally, he has worked as an adviser to a large regional shredding company for approximately 15 years through its inception, growth and ultimate sale.  Jonas is responsible for the overall day to day management of the company.

Greg Seaver,

Director of Operations

Greg brings over 10 years' experience in the shredding industry to ShredPro Secure.  As Operations Manager, Greg is involved in personnel management, routing and scheduling, customer service and logistical operations for the company.

Nikki Frank,

Sales Executive

 Nikki brings over five-years' industry experience to ShredPro Secure.  She represents ShredPro Secure throughout East Tennessee by analyzing the needs of our clients and  helping them to implement a tailored secure document destruction process for their organization

Years in Business:

Founded in 2011


Services Provided:

Mobile document and data destruction services. Eastern TN to include Knoxville, Tri-Cities & SW towards Chattanooga


Service Area4)What advice would you give other Information Destruction/Information management companies?:

"There is still plenty of opportunity for companies in our industry as long as they are providing a high level of personalized, responsive and flexible service. Many people still want to be able to call and speak to a live person that can immediately take care of their questions and/or concerns when the arise. At ShredPro Secure one will always speak to a live person when one calls. We don't use automated voice menus." (Jonas Rice)

5)Why do utilize Vecoplan equipment?:

"Our Vecoplan gives us added options which translates into more options for our diverse customer base. Whether it be handling high security government accounts or every day small business accounts, we can serve both with this piece of equipment. Additionally, we can destroy many types of materials beyond paper with this truck which is added benefit for our clients." (Jonas Rice)

Why do we utilize Vecoplan equipment?


Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?

To see a full list of available used equipment, please contact us today at [email protected] or [email protected]



2008  Shred Tech 35GT2 CDL - $80,000



Condition- Very good


Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great dependable shred truck for high payload application and high throughput.





2013Vecoplan VST 32 Non-CDL "Shorty" - $145,000 



Condition- Excellent


Like new and save $$$! Very well maintained by previous owner.This truck was traded in for a new Vecoplan VST 42e for more capacity. If you are looking for a new NON CDL shred truck and would like to save some money,this would be a good fit for you. 



Industry News & Upcoming Events:




NAID Annual Conference, Renaissance Sea World Orlando -  April 7-9, 2016 


Click here to register for NAID Conference




Vecoplan also provides Consulting Services to help grow your business!


We can provide training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Sales Training for your entire team, including service technicians
  • In-depth Destruction industry training after they go to Shred School
  • Business growth consulting for owners and leaders
  • Sales development and marketing plans with customized tools for your organization
  • Monthly Sales coaching and guidance
  • Start up engagements
  • Much more...........

Contact us today if you would like to grow your business and see if you qualify for our FREE training available to Vecoplan clients! Email Bob Korkos at [email protected]

Learn More

Mike Campbell and Ray Barry have helped build 2 of the most successful and largest shredding businesses in the history of the industry. They have also helped train over 300 companies in the information destruction industry. They have a unique perspective and have been in your shoes. Not only can they help you with ALL of your equipment needs but they will be happy to help you grow your business at the same time as a resource for your business!

IF you are ready to SHRED your competition and would like a PLAN to do just that, contact Vecoplan today.

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