Shredding The Competition - January Edition


Shredding the Competition- January Edition 


 Shred Head Sales Tip for January    


Top Questions to Identify the Decision Making Process


One of the most challenging things in developing new business in any industry, is finding out what stage your prospect is in THEIR buying process and aligning that with OUR sales process. If you looked at he last 10 opportunities that you lost, I would bet that the main reason for losing it may be because we failed to truly understand how their decision making process works and how we can help them.

In the 16 years I have been in the industry, one of the major changes relative to a prospects decision making process has been that the information management/ destruction decision is now made in the "boardroom", not the "break-room".  It is now a "C" level decision and it is also usually a "consensus" based decision with multiple stakeholders with different agendas and motives. This can create a complex landscape to navigate through their buying process aligned with our sales process.


Just like anything, there is no "Magic" wand or "silver bullet" to know exactly how a decision will be made, but here are some of the top questions you can ask to at least get a better understanding of he prospective client's process:


---Who else including yourself is involved in making this decision?


---How will the final decision be made?....ask "Then what"? a few times to really drill down a clear understanding of it!


---Who in your organization is responsible for Corporate Compliance with (HIPAA, FACTA, Red Flag Rule, State Shred Laws, etc)?


---Who is responsible for profitability and corporate security? (hint....usually the person at the top of the decision making process!)


---Who in your organization is responsible for legally required written information protection policies and procedures? And required employee training? 


---When we present our customized proposal to your team, will you be the one approving the agreement?


---Where do we go from here? When should we speak again?


---Is there anything preventing your organization from moving forward with us?


---When you speak with the others on your decision making team, will you suggest moving forward with us?


Add these to your diagnostic sales process and let us know the results. Good luck Shred Heads!


Email Bob Korkos at[email protected] for more business improvement tips like these!


Vecoplan Client of the Month:


COR 365 Information Solutions




Meet the Team:

 -Staff of 75 total including distribution business



Years in Business:

- (41) Total and (31) in Information Management


Services Provided:

Electronic Content Management Solutions (iCOR by M-Files)

Records Management

Onsite Paper Shredding

Onsite Hard Drive and Media Shredding

Product Destruction

Electronics recycling

Scanning Solutions

Data Storage/tape Vaulting

Warehousing and Distribution services

Professional Services and Information Governance Consulting


Service Area:

 -We service all of NC with 5 records facilities and 2 warehouses servicing our distribution clients

Advice to others in the business:

"Do not undervalue the service you provide your clients"! (Chris Kelley)

Why do we utilize Vecoplan equipment?

"Primarily it was a convenience decision but the trucks we have purchased have been great and proven to be work horses! We demand a lot from our equipment and they have delivered."  (Chris Kelley)


Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?

To see a full list of available used equipment, please contact us today at[email protected] or[email protected]


2007  Vecoplan VST 32i CDL - $75,000



Condition- Very good


Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great dependable shred truck for variable shred size and product destruction, or for a new market etc.




2013Vecoplan VST 32 Non-CDL "Shorty" - $155,000 



Condition- Excellent


Like new and save $$$! Very well maintained by previous owner.This truck was traded in for a new Vecoplan VST 42e for more capacity. If you are looking for a new NON CDL shred truck and would like to save some money,this would be a good fit for you. (Dog in picture is NOT for sale!)



Industry News & Upcoming Events:




NAID Annual Conference, Renaissance Sea World Orlando -  April 7-9, 2016 


Click here to register for NAID Conference




(Ray Barry presenting at the Orlando Shred School/ Jay Burns, Crown Shredding and Ray Barry, Vecoplan) )   

Shred School 2015 is complete and it was a great success. Here's what some of the graduates had to say about it:


"I can not thank you enough for encouraging me to attend shred school. The amount of useful information is overwhelming, to say the least. We already had a meeting scheduled for the Friday that we got back to the office. They were interested in storing boxes with us. We totally scrapped our original presentation, looked at the sales process alignment chart, developed a first draft, needs analysis, which we used at the meeting. We got the account!" ...................(Keith Eriksen, Reed Records Mgmt. )

"It was nice to be part of the Shred Head Tour 2015. 

Bob and Ray, thanks you for all your powerful teaching. You blew my mind into our 2016 and beyond planning for success!!"

(Luis Angel Sánchez Rodríguez, Reciclaje del Norte)

"Stan and I wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you and the rest of the staff did.  We really enjoyed the learning and sharing of valuable information.  Attending Shred School was without a doubt worth the investment." (Fritz Valsaint, Summitline Industries)  

Vecoplan also provides Consulting Services to help grow your business!

We can provide training and consulting in the following areas:

- Sales Training for your entire team, including service technicians

- In-depth Destruction industry training after they go to Shred School

- Business growth consulting for owners and leaders

- Sales development and marketing plans with customized tools for your organization

- Monthly Sales coaching and guidance  

- Start up engagements

- Much more...........


Contact us today if you would like to grow your business and see if you qualify for our FREEtraining available to Vecoplan clients! Email Bob Korkos at[email protected]



Mike Campbell and Ray Barry have helped build 2 of the most successful and largest shredding businesses in the history of the industry. They have also helped train over 300 companies in the information destruction industry. They have a unique perspective and have been in your shoes. Not only can they help you with ALL of your equipment needs but they will be happy to help you grow your business at the same time as a resource for your business!


IF you are ready to SHRED your competition and would like a PLAN to do just that, contact Vecoplan today.

Good Luck in 2016! Ray Barry and Mike Campbell

National Sales Managers-Information Destruction Division Vecoplan, LLC

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