Shredding The Competition March 2016 Edition


Shredding the Competition- March Edition


Shred Head Sales Tip for March    

It's all about the "Reps"!
In Sports, Life, and Business there is a pretty simple rule: the more we do something or the more time we spend learning something the better we get at it. Repetition is the key to retaining knowledge or to get better at a skill. There is something a baseball coach told me a long time ago that still sticks with me today, he told me "Ray, there is a simple rule, no one gets good at ANYTHING, without repetition, Now hit the bench" It's definitely true in baseball, golf, or any other sport but it is especially important in business and sales.
     How are you getting your "reps" to get better at what you do or retain knowledge to make your business more profitable?
According to the Harvard Business Review, only 10% of the population has what's called "the learning mindset". These are the people that seek out and enjoy learning. Coincidentally, they are also usually the top 10% in their industry. The other 90 % of the population will not look to improve their skill unless it is part of their job requirement. This is probably the reason that there is mandatory continuing education for accountants, doctors, lawyers, etc.. Could you imagine going to a doctor or lawyer that hasn't learned anything new in the last 20 years? Yikes!
Our industry is one where there isn't mandatory training and it's a choice for you, the information destruction professional, if you are ready to sharpen your skills, your tools, and your resources in order to be the most productive you and your company can be. As my baseball coach said years ago, "you can't get good at anything just by doing it once ,it's all about the Reps! "
You can't lose weight after one workout session. You can't hit a curve ball by taking one swing a week. You can't hit 3 pointers in basketball by shooting hoops once a year. You can't shoot an 80 on the golf course by playing once a year.
It's very hard to grow your business significantly without training yourself and your team. Keep in mind though that The REAL key to continued growth and to achieve master skill level is to train your people not only once but over and over as they retain more knowledge and success follows! That is why the NAID Conference and Shred Schools are a must for any industry professional.
If you and your team need proven training specific to our industry, contact me today at [email protected] or 864-809-9111. You may qualify for our FREE Training program.
Email Bob Korkos at [email protected] for more business improvement tips like these!

Vecoplan Client of the Month:
Ace Data Storage & Shredding

Company Name: Ace Data Storage and Shedding, Gulfport, MS
1) Meet the Team:
President/Owner - David Fayard
Records Storage Operations - Mark Smith
Shred Operations - Josh Fulton
Office Manager - Julie Day
Office Assistant - Jessica Fulton
Shred Warehouse Manager - Toxie Ferguson


2)Years in Business:
Ace Data Storage, Inc. was established in 1991.

3)Services Provided and Service Area:
 We are based in Gulfport, MS, and service the state of Mississippi and South East Louisiana.
4)What advice would you give other Information Destruction/Information management companies?:

"Customer service is one of the keys to a successful business, but in our industry our staff is just as important.  Having a well-trained and well informed group of people working in your company is vital in this industry.  We strive to make sure our employees are trained in all aspects of our business, and know that they are all valued members of our team.  We think they are our best marketing tool." (David Fayard)

5)Why do utilize Vecoplan equipment?:

"Mike Campbell is our salesperson with Vecoplan and he has been a wonderful resource for our company.  He is knowledgeable about the industry, and has helped guide our purchasing decisions toward trucks that meet our needs.  We can depend on him to answer our questions long after the sale is finished and facilitate our interaction with the Vecoplan team.  He is not only an asset to Vecoplan he is an asset to us." (David Fayard)


Did you know we sell Used Equipment also?



To see a full list of available used equipment or for more pictures of trucks, please contact us today at [email protected] or [email protected]



2007 AXO Peashooter NON-CDL - $60,000
Condition- Very good
Very well maintained truck from previous owner. Would be a great dependable shred truck for a new market, start-up, or back-up application. Previous owner upgraded for a VST 42e
2012Vecoplan VST 32 Non-CDL "Shorty" - $145,000
Condition- Excellent
Like new and save $$$! Very well maintained by previous owner.This truck was traded in for a new Vecoplan VST 42e for more capacity. If you are looking for a new NON CDL shred truck and would like to save some money,this would be a good fit for you. 
Industry News & Upcoming Events:


NAID Annual Conference, Renaissance Sea World Orlando -  April 7-9, 2016 
Come visit us at the Vecoplan booth # 500 and visit us in the truck lot where we will be debuting our new Pierce and tear equipment in addition to the Versatile VST42e, The BEAST!  

Click here to register for NAID Conference

Vecoplan also provides Consulting Services to help grow your business!
We can provide training and consulting in the following areas:

- Sales Training for your entire team, including service technicians
- In-depth Destruction industry training after they go to Shred School
- Business growth consulting for owners and leaders
- Sales development and marketing plans with customized tools for your organization
- Monthly Sales coaching and guidance  
- Start up engagements
- Much more...........

Contact us today if you would like to grow your business and see if you qualify for our FREE training available to Vecoplan clients! Email Bob Korkos at [email protected]



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