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VSA 250 T Bag Breaker

Archdale, N.C., September 26, 2017 – Millions of bags filled with household trash arrive at material recovery facilities daily. Much of this trash is recyclable, but first you have to open the bags. The new VSA 250 T Bag Breaker from Vecoplan does this on an industrial scale.

Durable, low maintenance, and energy efficient, the VSA 250 T opens bags at high rates without damaging the recyclable commodities inside. The VSA 250 T can be loaded via belt conveyors, shovel grabs or wheeled loaders. Its unique design enables it to gently open the bags and empty them. Because the recyclable materials are not destroyed during this process, more material can be recycled - meaning less ends up in landfills. The bag opener's cutting unit consists of hammers welded onto the two rotors, which operate inside the machine's large, open cutting frame.

The open design of the cutting frame means the cutting unit is able to cope with extraneous materials such as stones or hand-size pieces of metal. Because the machine only breaks the materials, the subsequent sorting of the reusable, recyclable materials is simplified. With a bulk density of 125 kilograms per cubic meter, the VSA 250 T achieves an output rate of 35 tons per hour.

The rotors are powered by Vecoplan's dynamic, high-performance HiTorc drives. These operate without mechanical elements such as belt drives, couplings and hydraulic assemblies. They are extremely low maintenance compared to hydraulic drives, which competitor products tend to use. In addition, because less bulk needs to be moved, the HiTorc has a high degree of efficiency. Vecoplan is therefore able to use machines with a power consumption of just 82 kilowatts - which is lower than in comparable machines. This energy efficiency means significant cost savings. The drives are fully able to handle extraneous materials. They are highly dynamic and therefore improve the start-up and reversing functions of the machine. This makes the bag opener suitable for even tough materials.

The supports are manufactured in a robust, inert gas shielded arc welded design for holding the rotors and cutting frame. The machine supports’ double sidewall prevents dirt from entering the bearing housing. The design ensures the operating and maintenance costs are kept as low as possible for the machine operators.

Wear-resistant, replaceable sealing elements on the rotor and sidewall prevent materials from depositing between the front face of the rotor and the machine housing. The cutting frame and rotors are replaceable. Time-consuming maintenance tasks such as hard facing work can be done outside of the machine, reducing downtimes significantly. Furthermore, the machine is compact and quiet to run.

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