Vecoplan Secures Contract to Build a State-of-the-art Feedstock Processing System.


VECOPLAN Awarded Contract to Build Feedstock Processing System for Fulcrum BioEnergy  


VECOPLAN LLC announced that it has executed a fixed-price contract with Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inc. to design, engineer, install and commission a state-of-the-art municipal solid waste (MSW) feedstock processing system for Fulcrum’s Sierra BioFuels Plant. Fulcrum has developed a reliable and efficient process for converting MSW, or household garbage that would otherwise be landfilled, into low-cost, low-carbon renewable transportation fuels. The contract was awarded to VECOPLAN following an extensive vetting process.

“After a comprehensive research and review process, we identified VECOPLAN as the right company to engineer and build our feedstock processing system. VECOPLAN’s ability to stand behind their product with a fixed-price contract that guarantees the performance of the system, coupled with their knowledge, experience, and commitment, made VECOPLAN the right partner for us,” said Rick Barraza, Fulcrum’s Vice President of Administration.

Len Beusse, VECOPLAN’s Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, states “We could not be more pleased with, and appreciative of the trust Fulcrum has placed in VECOPLAN. We are excited to be involved in such a landmark project. Fulcrum truly seems to be in the vanguard of this burgeoning industry.”

Fulcrum is the leading developer and owner of projects that convert municipal solid waste into syncrude and renewable transportation fuels including jet fuel and diesel. The Company has successfully proven and demonstrated this process for converting MSW to fuels utilizing its proprietary, innovative, clean and efficient thermochemical process. Fulcrum has secured long-term, MSW feedstock agreements with its waste services partners and has entered into long-term fuel and product off take agreements with Cathay Pacific Airways and United Airlines.

Fulcrum’s process will have a tremendous impact globally. Abundant supplies of MSW located near large population centers, are located near areas of high fuel demand, which enables Fulcrum to quickly, efficiently and economically turn waste into low-carbon, drop-in jet and diesel fuels.

Fulcrum has secured sufficient MSW feedstock to support its large growth program to construct and operate plants across North America. The Sierra BioFuels Plant, Fulcrum’s first commercial scale plant, is located approximately 20 miles east of Reno, Nevada and is expected to enter operations during the second half of 2017. In addition to Sierra, Fulcrum is developing seven more projects that are expected to have the cumulative capacity to produce more than 300 million gallons per year of renewable transportation fuels at locations across North America.

Fulcrum’s feedstock processing system, whose cost and performance is being guaranteed by VECOPLAN, will receive MSW via transfer trailers unloaded onto the facility’s tipping floor. All inorganic waste will be extracted from the MSW stream and the remaining organic feedstock material will be prepared and delivered to the Sierra BioFuels Plant for conversion into transportation fuels.

VECOPLAN’S system will deploy technologies, machinery and equipment including conveyors, pre-shredders, waste screens, wind sifters, over belt magnets, eddy current and non-ferrous separators, picking stations, NIR three-way optical sorters, dust collection systems, balers and integrated controls.

For more information about Vecoplan, contact the company at (336) 861-6070, [email protected] or visit our website at

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