Turning Waste Into A Valuable Resource


Vecoplan Waste Recovery Systems Play a Key Role in Turning Waste to Energy

Waste. Garbage. Trash. A word that our culture associates with a negative connotation.

But did you know waste can be transformed into a usable, consumable matter?

Vecoplan is the global leader in the manufacture of industrial shredders. And waste can be shredded. Waste can be converted to various types of secondary fuel; it depends on what kind of waste we’re talking about that yields the type of fuel that is the end product. Shredding is a key part of the conversion, but Vecoplan is also a leader in providing comprehensive, end-to-end systems that turn waste into fuel or other material.

Types of Waste that can be Turned into Energy

Municipal waste – the kind generated by residents and consumers and known in the industry as MSW – can be transformed to create fuel or gas that can be used for energy. This waste is shredded, sometimes multiple times (called pre-shredding and re-shredding depending on where in the process) then processed through various steps that may include screening out unwanted items or material, separating out metals, sorting the waste into different types, drying the waste, then fed into the equipment that generates the fuel or gas. RDF, or refuse-derived fuel, is a common end product from this process.

Other types of waste can also be transformed into a usable product. Commercially-sourced and industrial waste, green waste and wood waste, food waste, and even some plastics can be turned into pellets that are then used for energy. While we are over-simplifying by omitting what are the usable by-products as a result of the conversion process, the outcome is the same: waste is ultimately used as a resource rather than being placed in a landfill.

This repurposed waste product is often used to fuel cement kilns, to produce electricity and thermal energy, and as a feedstock for pyrolysis plants.

Benefits of Shredding Waste

  • Shredded waste is easier to sort and remove contaminants for a cleaner material to convert to fuel
  • Divert waste from going to the landfill
  • Generate renewable energy
  • Replace fossil fuels such as coal


Vecoplan Waste Recovery System for RDF Processing Plant

Contact Vecoplan to learn how to convert your waste into a resource.

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