New Product


The first, and often most important step in recovering, liberating, sorting and successfully recycling a wide range of materials is choosing the best shredding technology. Introducing the best shredding technology, from the worldwide leader in shredding technology - The V-ECO from Vecoplan.

V-ECO 1300

Solid, compact, high-performance, the V-ECO efficiently processes a broad spectrum of recyclables including all types of plastics, films, fiber, paper, cardboard, and textiles. 

  • Inclined cutting chamber floor, combined with processing ram ensures continuous feeding of material to shredding rotor.
  • VFD Inverter Drive, eliminates gearboxes & fluid couplings, matches rotor speed & torque to load characteristics, and senses tramp metal & stops automatically.
  • “W” Rotors, with cutting geometry to shred both flexible & fibrous, or rigid & bulky materials, delivering particle consistency, maximum throughput, and minimal heat buildup.
  • Single or Double Rows of Bed Knives, increase the shredding surface producing smaller particle sizes, for maximum screen throughput & minimum processing time. Plus they’re externally adjustable for quick & easy maintenance of optimal cutting tolerances on thin, flexible materials like films & fibers.
  • Hydraulic Lift-Up Cutting Chamber Floor, provides the safest & most convenient access to the cutting chamber. Just push a button for material changes or tramp metal removal.
  • Drop Down Screen Carriage, delivers fast & easy screen changes, with quick access for cutting insert rotations or replacements, as well as other maintenance.