Plant Based Document Destruction Systems

Document Destruction and Shredding Solutions

The document destruction industry turns to Vecoplan for total secure shredding solutions. Large, small or somewhere in between, Vecoplan plant based shredders deliver secure “cross-cut” consistency in a single pass. In fact, since you determine the output particle size, you can change it to meet the changing levels of security required by your evolving customer base. Vecoplan industrial paper shredders are truly industrial strength shredders - easily shredding paper, cardboard, full banker’s boxes, 3-ring binders, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, film, hard drives, counterfeit products, textiles, wood, etc. Vecoplan also provides complete plant-based shredding systems, with in-feed tippers or conveyors, in-feed hoppers, the shredder of course, out-feed conveyors, dust collection, and balers.


Why Choose Vecoplan? - Versatility!

Document destruction helps protect against identity theft and other use of classified or secure documents. These include bank statements, receipts, credit card information and other sensitive data. Smaller shred size means a higher level of security, minimizing the chance that someone could put two or more pieces of information together. Whether documents come in paper form, CDs, video tapes, or within electronic memory devices, Vecoplan has the versatility to provide a secure process that suits your needs and level of confidentiality.

Vecoplan systems include a secure surge hopper for batch and conveyor feed for large dimension feedstock. A high throughput coupled with high volume security delivers high efficiency and lower costs. Along with jam free operation, you can count on a rapid rate of document and record continuous flow throughput.

Providing shredding services for over 40 years, Vecoplan is a pioneer in the most reliable and effective shredders in the industry today.


Recognized as the leading technology in document destruction, Vecoplan secure destruction shredders excel in all areas of data destruction. Because Vecoplan industrial shredders securely destroy a diverse array of materials beyond paper and cardboard, including plastics, film, aluminum and other light metals, they deliver secure destruction solutions for:

Paper Documents:

  • Checks
  • Medical Records
  • Complete Files
  • Construction Drawings
  • Stamps and Tickets
  • Thick Printouts from Electronic Data Processing
  • Full Banker's Boxes of Documents
  • Large, Bulky Binders with Metal Rings
  • Entire Security and Recycling Containers
  • Full Bales of Paper
  • Full Rolls of Paper

Data Carriers:

  • Laptops
  • Hard Drives
  • Circuit Boards
  • CDs & DVDs
  • USB Drives
  • Electronic Data Carriers such as Memory Chips and Chip Cards
  • Magnetic Data Carriers such as Credit Cards, ID Cards, Key Cards, or any Magnetic Strip Cards
  • Audio/Video Cassettes & Reels
  • X-Rays and Microfilms
  • Floppy Disks and Zip Disks

Traditional strip shredders simply can't shred anything but paper and, as the name implies, they cut documents into consistent strips producing a shred that is far from secure. To remedy this security issue, the shredded material must be turned 90 degrees and shredded again. This process is referred to as “Cross Shredding”. Although cross shredding is more secure than strip shredding, security concerns still exist.

Vecoplan's secure Dump-And-Run shredders offer a solution that handles a wide variety of materials and is more secure than cross-shredding. Because the discharge is screened, there is no possibility of documents escaping the shredding process. This method delivers shred sizes more secure that cross shreds, and in a one-step process. And you determine the security level by the size of the screen you put on your Vecoplan shredder.