Parts & Service

Our network ensures – Service You Can Count On!

Vecoplan, LLC delivers quality service – fast! Our knowledgeable, on site technicians, electricians and designers are standing by with answers to technical questions, electrical information as well as part orders filled quickly from our large parts inventory. And when you need service performed at your site, we provide factory-trained technicians – fast!

All companies are ultimately judged on two things -The quality of their products and the quality of their service after the sale. This is especially true for industrial equipment. If your machine is down, then you’re down. If a company wants to sell more machines, then they better deliver great service on the machines in the field. Vecoplan does!

We have a full staff of service technicians at our east coast headquarters, service technicians at Vecoplan Midwest, and an extensive network of service technicians located throughout North America. This ensures that you get the quickest service possible. All Vecoplan service technicians are trained in our factory, on our machines. This ensures receive the highest quality service possible.

Factory direct service, combined with a strategically located network of factory-trained technicians ensure that you get the highest quality service in the fastest time frame possible.

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Vecoplan Toll-Free parts and service line:
1-888-RETECH1 (888-738-3241) FREE


System Installation

Vecoplan is capable of both mechanical and electrical installation of not only shredders, but infeed/discharge conveyors, dust collection systems, granulators, and a wide variety of industrial equipment. Our crews are experienced, licensed and insured in most US states. Another option for your system installation and commissioning is Vecoplan's Supervision expertise, overseeing the installation process of a contractor you choose.


System Start-Up

Vecoplan offers factory trained technician commissioning. This service is extremely helpful to new machine owners. Our technicians will completely inspect the installation, ensure proper equipment operation and train personel on wear item inspection.


System Training

Vecoplan's service department offers a factory trained technician to visit your facility with materials to train in depth the resommended daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance of the equipment. Also included in this sercive is start-to-finish operation for multiple shifts and direct contacts for Vecoplan support.


Parts & Services

Our knowledgeable, on site technicians, electricians and designers are standing by with answers to technical questions, electrical information as well as part orders filled quickly from our large parts inventory. In addition, our Parts and Service Center has a complete full-service testing lab.

  • Part Orders
  • Technical Assistance
  • General Information

Click here to access our On-line Parts Order Form.

Vecoplan Toll-Free parts and service line:
1-888-RETECH1 (888-738-3241) FREE

Reconditioning Service

Vecoplan is the global leader in manufacturing new size reduction equipment - we are also experts in renovating existing equipment. Our team of experts will breathe new life back into older machinery, making it perform and look as good as it did when it came from the factory.

Testing & Demonstrations

In their continuing efforts to remain on the cutting edge of size reduction technology, Vecoplan, LLC offers comprehensive viability testing of your materials. Their complete in-house test lab and size reduction facility allows you and Vecoplan's engineers to perform feasibility studies on trial runs of your materials under production conditions. All data along with technical analysis remains confidential between Vecoplan, LLC and the customer. For additional information or to schedule a test run, call (336) 861-6070.


  • Many shredder and grinder models available for testing
  • Cumberland X-1000 Granulator
  • Full Conveyor and Material Handling System
  • Metal Detection and Separation
  • Free "Short-Run" Testing
  • "Long-Run" Tests Available

Please send test samples prepaid to the following address:
Vecoplan, LLC
5708 Uwharrie Road
Archdale, NC 27263
Attn: Sharon Thomas
Phone: (336) 861-6070

*Although Vecoplan, LLC is more than happy to record tests, it is strongly recommended that you visit the test facility in person and witness tests personally.


Preventative Maintenance is Key to Long-Term Performance

Performing routine preventative maintenance maximizes machine performance and extends machine life. If you change the oil regularly, perform regular tune-ups, check the air pressure in your tires, rotate them, align the front end, etc., etc. - in other words perform routine preventative maintenance on your car - it will handle better, last longer and use less fuel. The same holds true for any machine. This is especially true for heavy duty, high performance, industrial machinery.

Vecoplan, LLC offers a selection of programs to ensure your machinery is kept in top condition. These include Preventative Maintenance Inspection programs and Preventative Maintenance Service programs. Some companies have the staff, knowledge base and resources to maintain their machines with no need of outside assistance. Others have little or no resources to accomplish this. That’s why Vecoplan offers programs custom tailored to your specific needs.

Working with you, we will consider the specific Vecplan machines or systems that you use, the applications that they are used in, the site specific conditions in which they used, and the internal staff and resources that your company provides on its own to develop a program that meets your specific needs. Call or email us today and ask about a Preventative Maintenance program that’s right for you!

Warranties & Guarantees

Exclusive grinder equity guarantee

At Vecoplan, LLC, we expect your business to grow. All businesses plan for that! That is why when you purchase a Vecoplan grinder your investment is protected to grow with you. When your business changes and grows, and when you need larger equipment, your investment in your Vecoplan shredder can be used again as "Equity Value" in purchasing an upgrade. It’s simple and will realize you far greater value than dealing with the used market and hoping for the best offer or compromising for too small of a machine. At the time you trade-in or upgrade to a new larger dimensional grinder, the appropriate "Equity Value" will be deducted from the purchase of your new equipment. The following table represents our guidelines for determining final values and allowance.

Months Since Delivery:






Maximum Equity Value %:






Please understand that the condition of your existing machine may effect the final equity value: so, just call to get all the details and a firm appraisal of your equity value.

View our Equity Guarantee [PDF, 3,8MB]

Note: This guarantee is null and void where machine is placed in inappropriate applications or a return is desired due to abuse, neglect or other conditions beyond the control of Vecoplan. Valid for original owner only

Exclusive grinder performance guarantee

At Vecoplan, LLC, we expect our grinders to work! We are confident that they will!

We expect that the confidence you have in us in placing the order should carry over long after the sale. Therefore, in the unlikely event that any unit does not perform to specifications (as specified in signed order confirmation), the unit may be returned within 90 days after delivery and all monies paid for the grinder will be refunded 100%. Vecoplan shall be given ample opportunity to address any problems prior to return. Improper operation or application voids this guarantee. Signed order confirmation & 100% receipt of money owed are required for refund.

View our Performance Guarantee [PDF, 141kb]