Plastic Size Reduction

Vecoplan is the worldwide leader in plastic size reduction technologies. Founded in 1969 as a manufacturer of chippers, Vecoplan engineers went on to invent the single-shaft rotary shredder. This invention revolutionized Vecoplan as a company, size reduction as a technology, and the processing of waste materials for recycling or repurposing as a whole. In1989 Vecoplan was awarded a patent in Europe for the single-shaft shredder and it’s unique “U-rotor”. This rotor design continues to be the most advanced cutting geometry for the universal size reduction of a comprehensive range of waste materials. 

plastic size reduction

With over 45 years of experience, Vecoplan supplies tailor made size reduction machines and systems, to all the many different areas and facets of recycling used plastics. Vecoplan can develop an individual solution or complete system geared to the specific requirements of your recycling application. 

There are many different kinds of plastics that can be recycled. In fact, most plastic can be recycled including the plastic films that make up plastic bags and plastic wrap. Most of the plastic that is recycled can be turned back into similar products.

Vecoplan systems and equipment are designed to handle the many different kinds of plastic material. For example, polyethylene terephthalate bottles have plastic caps made out of polypropylene. Our plastic size reduction machinery will grind up both materials which can then be separated for recycling into a variety of products.

For the most part, plastics can be recycled many times over. Efficiently capturing the inherent energy within, size reduction of plastic waste is an important part of the recycling step that allows the plastic material to be processed in an easily handled form.

Scrap plastic has value. With advanced recycling systems, Vecoplan increases your throughput and savings. Contact Vecoplan today for a plastic size reduction solution that meets the needs of your recycling operations.